If you’re looking for information on how to increase the lifespan of your vape, then you’ve come to the right place.  As many know, our mods, rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers, batteries and e-liquid are all investments, and it is our job to protect those investments in order to make them a worthy one.  When you buy a mod, you’re not looking for it to crap out on you and die in the first couple of months, you’re wanting to use it and keep using it for as long as possible.  However, many vapers are falling victim to a short lifespan with their vape, and this is all because of normal wear and tear.  Indeed, there’s not a way around this unless you sit the product in its original box so that it will keep that like-new appearance, but there is a way to increase the lifespan of these products so that you can use them even longer.  Today, I’m going to share some information with you that will be vital to increasing the lifespan of your vape, so sit back, soak it all up and when you’re finished, share this paginated article with a friend to help them increase the lifespan of their vape too.


Increase The Lifespan of Your Mod

smok xcube 2Whether it’s a regulated box mod or your standard mechanical mod, both of these devices can clunk out on you at anytime, especially a regulated mod that relies on a chip and wiring.  When mods are constantly used, which they are, then they endure normal wear and tear.  With mechanical mods, your contacts collect a dirt infused film over them, parts aren’t able to spin properly due to dust and grime, and there are other parts on a mechanical mod that won’t allow them to be tightened or pressed in completely due to particles floating in the air and that come from your hands.  With regulated mods, you’ll encounter that your buttons are sticking and won’t press in properly because of grime, your contacts collect dirt and e-liquid residue makes its way into the housing of your device, that could eventually become the demise of your favorite device.

There’s only one way to prevent such a disaster from happening, and that is to increase the lifespan of your mod.  But, how would you go about that?  It’s called consistent proper maintenance.  That’s right, just like your vehicle, your mod needs to be maintained properly, it needs a little cleaning, and ultimately needs a little bit of your care.  No matter what type of mod you have, you’ll always want to wipe it down and a damp cloth is all it takes to start properly maintaining your mod.  Many people who are passionate about their vehicles will get down and dirty detailing their cars and trucks.  This is because they want them to look good, they want them to perform as they should, and again, they ultimately have a care for their investment.  The same should be expected of you as a mod owner if you want your mod to last.  Cleaning the contacts, getting in those corners or tight spaces that collect dust, and disassembling parts to your mod (the one’s that you can) and cleaning the mod thoroughly will most certainly increase the lifespan of your mod.  Simply put, you can never go wrong with a little TLC.

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