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Is Vaping Better Than Smoking: Research Yields Facts

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Is vaping better than smoking? If you had to answer this before reading this article or doing any research, what would your determination be? The problem the vaping industry faces is that there are so many people that make their determination of vaping in the same way, without doing any research at all. What people are relying on is the media, which is paid to report drama and hysteria, not the truth. It’s more in-depth than just that though. Let us explain.

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Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

While there are so many pieces on vaping to report sharing negative information, what many of them do not share is that reports show vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. What is sad is that this information was made public in 2015, yet no one knows about it.

This isn’t the only information that was available in the earlier years of vaping. In fact, in 2013 the University of East Lond Research found that electronic cigarettes actually help people stop smoking. And to add to that, a study published the same year found that e-cigarettes were primarily used to quit smoking tobacco. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, according to the CDC fact sheets on smoking & tobacco use.

Why All The Smoke and Mirrors?

If this positive information about vaping is available, why all the smoke and mirrors surrounding the beneficial impact that vaping could have, saving 480,000 people in the United States alone? It’s because the ones that we rely on to share the truth and save lives is doing quite the opposite, ironically, publishing an article like Vaping: It’s All Smoke and Mirrors. In this article, the claim is that we don’t know much about long-term vaping, yet in 2017 a study on vaping was conducted and found that long-term vaping is far safer than smoking.

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Despite knowing that vaping is truly better than smoking, according to several studies, articles are continuously released, television reports are constantly aired, and the people we rely on to share truthful information are consistently misleading the public. So, just like anyone else hearing and reading both sides of the argument, one saying one thing and one said another, who do you listen to, and who should you believe?

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? Who To Believe?

If you are on the fence on who to believe when it comes to answering is vaping better than smoking, allow us to provide the facts.

We, consumers, were once smokers as well. We didn’t want to become another CDC statistic, therefore we started researching vaping for ourselves, just as you are doing now. We gain no benefit from people switching to vaping, other than it is another life saved. However, the government, state officials, anti-vaping groups, the media, big tobacco, and big pharma all have something to lose… money.

That’s right. Did you know that both pharmaceutical and tobacco companies are paying organizations, such as the Food and Drug Administration? They are dishing out loads of cash to keep people smoking and to keep them from vaping. A good example of this is the recent vape flavor ban that left New York in crumbles.

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Wondering if the state you live in is next? It’s possible. Any state is at risk at this point, and the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) doesn’t help the situation. The settlement ultimately forces 46 states to make annual payments to pay for medical costs that are caused by smoking-related illnesses. How much exactly? Payments to individual states vary but are based on the number of cigarettes sold in that state. The agreement, however, was made in 1998 and consists of tobacco companies paying a minimum of $206 billion over the first 25 years.


So, is vaping better than smoking? While we are certainly able to answer that question for you and can do it by sharing factual information as we’ve presented in this article, we won’t. We would rather you form your own opinion by taking in the information you’ve learned today and furthering your knowledge through continued research. Compare the differences in ingredients in both smoking and vaping, learn how vaping works, and look at how many smokers have converted to vaping as a less harmful alternative. All of this information is available to you on this very blog.

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Blake Brown

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