Over the years of vaping, and as difficult as it is to say about myself, I’ve always taken the easy route. Instead of taking on the whole rebuildable atomizer boom when it first began, I sat back and indulged in the easy and safe route, which are the ever so friendly, clearomizers. It’s partly due to my horrible money management, and a small portion of it rests on the lack of knowledge with anything more than what I’ve already learned at such a quick pace.

However, I’ve set out to learn more and to start taking the route I’m not as comfortable with… after all, how will I continue to share the information you readers are most interested in if I don’t know it myself?

Using a clearomizer is completely fine, just so long as it suits you well and makes you happy. You can continue to use clearomizers, but I know there’s something inside you that wants to explore even more, and if you’re being held back by the intimidation, lack of knowledge and laziness, make today a change in your vaping journey, be a “go-getter” and take that plunge into a new experience.

It’s better built than bought.

aspire bdc egoBuying a replacement clearomizer coil is easy and creates almost no hassle in your vape life. You’ll spend between two and five dollars per coil, and sometimes even more. However, even though those manufactured coils seem to work great now, have you ever thought for a minute that maybe your idea of great is a mere mediocre vape from what everyone else is receiving?

This is the realization I’m coming to learn over the past half-year. Rebuildable atomizers have received so much hype because they’re actually better than your everyday used clearomizer, and I was even hard pressed to comprehend this. Eventually I gave in to this hype and have learned that even my beloved Aspire coils can be easily beaten.

What holds us vapers back is relying on manufacturers of these clearomizers. We have to wait for improved replacement coils, such as a better coil setup, better wicking material, lower resistance availabilities. Using a rebuildable atomizer, there aren’t any limits to what you can do.

The clearomizer became popular because of the tank portion of the atomizer body. Get this, you can purchase a Kayfun or Taifun, among many others and receive that same tank portion. The difference then comes down to the coil, which will satisfy you more if you build it yourself to your personal liking’s, rather than vaporshark dnasettling for a coil that was manufactured on an assembly line that isn’t specifically made to your preferences.

It’s better built than bought.

Most vapers believe they need an unregulated device (mechanical mod) to use rebuildable atomizers, but that isn’t true. Those vapers that think that way have been mislead by the community and industries latest craze, which is a sub-ohm coil in conjunction with an unregulated device.

However, you don’t ever have to venture to the sub-ohm territory. If you’re comfortable with a 1.8ohm coil, what is offered with replacement Aspire coils, then feel free to stay at that same resistance, use a regulated device with high wattage, and if you want more or less power, simply adjust the wattage to your liking.

Here are some mods and rebuildable atomizers that I personally recommend:

Regulated Device: Vapor Shark DNA (Get It Here!)

Regulated Device: Hana Modz Clone (Get It Here!)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Kayfun Lite Plus (Get It Here!)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Kayfun v3.1 (Get It Here!)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Yiloong Fogger v4.1 (Get It Here!)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Taifun GT (Get It Here!)