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Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer Review

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I’ve been slow to bite on the handful of rebuildable atomizer offerings to date. While the thought of being prepared for the zombie apocalypse is appealing, my goal has been to get away from the silica wick, and build SS mesh or possibly cotton wicks for flavor purity. I didn’t want a huge rebuildable atomizer, and it certainly shouldn’t cost more than my PV. Well shazam! I think I just found my first rebuildable atty. Enter the Phoenix RA. The Phoenix repairable atty was developed by, located in the Philippines. They currently have resellers in both the US and EU.

First thoughts on the Phoenix rebuildable atomizer:

Nice size- not too large. Great price at $15! I started with the 2 ohm pre-built silica wick and coil. It started out ok, but soon got a burnt taste. I immediately became impatient and replaced the silica wick with a SS mesh wick that I made myself. Oh yeah!

The draw is quite stiff, but I’m finding that I got used to it rather quickly.

Construction and durability:

Well made, simple. There really isn’t a whole lot to this repairable atomizer.  The base holds two screws and has a deep “cup” on it for juice. It can easily hold 12 large drops- possibly more, depending on how you build your coil and wick system. Because of the opening on a drip tip, you’ll want to make sure to keep your PV vertical when it’s full. Upside down, or in a pocket might cause leaking.

The screw-on top comes with a drip tip, which is good since most of my favorite drip tips don’t fit. I’m not alone on this one, as others have reported the same thing.

Package Includes the following:

1 Phoenix Atomizer Unit
6 Inches CE2 type Wick
6 Inches Kanthal A-1 awg 32 resistance wire


I feel that doing a flavor and vapor report is a bit pointless, as you can use any type of wick that you want- and you build your coil to your liking by adding or removing a wrap, thus adjusting ohms. Below are brief comments after using the factory built silica wick and coil and then a homemade SS mesh wick.

w/silica wick: Not bad at all- to start.  It feels like it might not be wicking quick enough for heavy vaping. I’m not sure if breaking this in will help or not, but I’m not in love with this vape at this point.

w/mesh wick: 1.3ohm vertical seasoned wick. GREAT flavor from the start. I’m surprised that this oxidized wick with a fresh coil has the quality of flavor that it does since it’s not broken in just yet.


w/silica wick: Average, ok.

w/mesh wick: 1.3ohm vertical seasoned wick. Using 400 SS mesh wick with Boba’s bounty (100% VG) has no issues. Since the VG doesn’t have too far to go, a short wick in this setup works fine with SS 400 mesh. I suppose the vapor is at its peak using 100% VG, but imagine what 2 or 3 coils would do (if one isn’t enough). *Check out the vid below for the Phoenix with this 1.3 ohm coil on a SS wick, using an ego. Thick, warm, plumes!

*Mesh wick was 400 SS, less than 1/2″ long.


Phoenix rebuildable atomizerPhoenix rebuildable atomizer with regular atomizer


The Phoenix RA can be built with 2 or even 3 coils. Gone are the days of poor quality, hit-or-miss performance from your standard atomizers. If it doesn’t work properly, it’s likely something that YOU did. I think it’s important to mention that the center pin is sealed, so in order to use this on a bottom feeding PV, you would first need to replace the center pin with one from an atomizer with a non-sealed pin.

I haven’t experienced any leaking from the atomizer whatsoever (*When used correctly. Turning upside down while full will obviously cause juice to escape. There is no spitting or gurgling, and this atomizer runs very quietly. The screw-on cover does acquire some condensation, so you’ll want to wipe that out once in a while.  All in all, this seems to be a solid rebuildable atomizer as long as you can wrap a coil. Build it to your spec and vape on!

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Update/Edit”]I have to rescind the leaking comment. When sitting up straight, a small amount of juice does get through the threads.[/stextbox]

The Phoenix RA in action with a 1.3ohm SS mesh wick

[youtube id=”rkywuXIk3fU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Phoenix can be purchased from a variety of ecig vendors. I picked mine up for $15.

 Wrap up

I’d buy this again. +1, like, tweet, etc.


Made with Stainless steel and Plated Copper.
Can be disassembled and put back together.
14mm Overall Diameter
32mm Overall Length


VIDS From the manufacturer:

Vid 1.

Vid 2.

Vid 3.


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  1. So far, I haven’t had any leaking problems. But I typically don’t drip anymore into it than I intend to vape in one sitting. I like the sealed connector because it eliminates the main point of leakage that I usually experience with other atomizers. You’ve got me wanting to try SS mesh wicking now!

    • I’m just the opposite. …I try to put in as much juice as possible. Do try the mesh wick- it really performs well on this atty. I wish I could get the same results in my RA Tank that I do on this atty with the mesh wick~

      • UPDATE: SS Mesh on this thing is a force multiplier! All of my e-liquids are vaping crisper, cleaner, fuller than ever before. The flavors really come alive! It’s a Dripper’s Dream. Also, enlarging the air-hole improved the draw and dialed back the sometimes too intense (for me) throat hit I was getting. I like it so much, I’ve bought another one just so I can vape and play with coil building at the same time. Seriously, it’s all I will use now.

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