Have you read any of my reviews of a bottom coil changeable, such as the T3 Review, MT3 Review or the EVOD Review? – Well if you have, you’ll notice that with every BCC tank, I always remove the top wick. I remove that top wick because I’ve found that when doing so, it allows more room for the e-liquid to reach the coil. so much wicking material isn’t needed and I’m still stumped on why manufactures haven’t noticed this yet. Anyhow, many of you have asked how I do it, so here’s a video to show you how.

Let me know how you like it after. I hope this video helps!


  1. I went ahead and removed 1 wick from my Kanger Protank and my Vapeonly BCC Mega.

    I’ve only gotten to use it a for a little while so far, but I do think it’s working better.

    I seem to be getting more vapor production. I don’t notice much of a difference with flavor, but it’s definitely not worst.

    I’m going to wait a few more days to see if I experience any of the leaking issues some people brought on up on various forums.

    Thanks for the vid.

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