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Review of The RA Tank – A Rebuildable Atomizer Tank

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Missed out on the last Genesis co-op? Too impatient to wait for a Zenesis? The RA Tank might be the rebuildable tank atomizer for you!

First Thoughts on the RA Tank by Crack

Durable, and easy to use. The spring loaded posts on the RA Tank allow for easy and quick coil connection. To fill, you will need a bottle with a needle on it, or a syringe- as the RA Tank uses a small hole at the top for filling. The draw is very stiff at first. I say “at first” because after using it for a bit, and learning the draw technique, it no longer feels like it’s too stiff of a draw. If you get one and decide the draw is stiff at first, DO NOT attempt to drill a hole into the side unless you know what you are doing and have played around with this style of tank/atty before. I say this because I now have part of a toothpick as a plug. Enough said. Moving on…

RA Tank


First Use of the RA Tank

I started with a silica wick, and while I don’t remember what the ohms reading was, I do remember that I don’t have the patience for long silica wicks in anything that I’ve ever tried. In went the SS mesh wick for break-in (400).

After several fills of the tank the flavor still seems off- by far. To my surprise, I haven’t experienced the infamous “hot metal” taste that other users of rebuildable atomizers have reported, or anything that harsh- it just doesn’t taste strong, or good (at first). The flavor I’ve been getting almost seems like it’s part condensation. I quickly wrapped another wick, oxidize and season, and proceeded to make the perfect coils, with no excess coil wire leading to the post. Still no luck after breaking it in. The issues I’m having suggests wicking as the culprit. While the wick is not dry, it doesn’t taste wet enough. My eliquid is 30/70, so it’s possible that switching to a 325 mesh will help. Let’s give that a try…

The RA Tank with SS Mesh Wick, 325

Within the first hour of using the 325 SS mesh I could tell that this was a better setup. The taste isn’t fully there yet, but is much better than with the 400 mesh. It appears to be wicking much better judging from the quality of the vapor alone. Using the 325 into the day, night and into the next day brought gradual increase in flavor quality. After getting almost through the first tank, my juice became a few shades darker from the backwash, and it just doesn’t taste “fresh”.  Maybe it’s in my head. After draining the darker remnants (a painful process) and refilling, flavor has improved a bit. The verdict is still out as to whether my juice will perform well with this style of wick and atomizer. I am definitely not getting the subtle nuances of caramel or maple in my Kentucky Maplewood, and that will be the deciding factor as to whether the RA tank becomes a daily use accessory. With that said, as of writing, I only have a bit over a day- or 5ml through the new 325 wick and 2 ohm coil (I’ve been playing around with different voltages- 4.3-4.5).  It’s hardly broken in at this point.

A few days later…

Yes. We are good. I have the wick and coil broken in, and am now getting some great flavor from my RA Tank and wick/coil combo. I have since let my carto tank run dry and haven’t refilled it. At this point, I think we’re going to be happy together. I’ll keep a few strands of nichrome coil in the car for emergency and call it good.

Is the RA Tank a Keeper?

In my opinion, yes! I think the ease in changing coils is great. It doesn’t leak. It can be built to perform to your liking. Maybe it’s common, but I did see some backwash vapor build up in the bottom tank. Not knowing how to clear it, I could only watch it dissipate into my clean juice. It hasn’t

I’d like to see an easier cleaning method, but in all honesty- it’s simply removing some nuts from a couple of screws. Nit-picky if anything. I’d also like to see a lower price- but I almost always do with most any product. I’m already over it.

I’ve used the RA Tank every day for 14 days, with a variety of wicks and ohms. I think I’m building a good vape. …more to follow. Please share YOUR thoughts!


I paid $70, plus add a few pennies for your preference of wicking material.

RA Tank in action

Cleaning the RA Tank

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