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How To Avoid Dry Hits and Flooding In Tanks

  The rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) market is rising, and dry hits and flooding tanks are the most common issues people are having with them.  Let’s spend a few minutes looking at the best ways to optimize your vaping experience. If I had a dollar bill for every e-mail I’ve...

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Top 3 Best Cotton Wicks

What are the top 3 best cotton wicks?  Although there are countless wicking materials out on the market, vapers will often disagree on which is the best to use.  Most of the time they do agree on one thing, cotton is the best.  We all started out using cotton balls bought from the local store...


5 Best Rebuildable Atomizer Resources

Rebuildable Atomizers have become a huge hit in the vaping industry. It’s to no surprise, since it comes from the same reason why the industry took to mods so well. This relies heavily on vapers not settling for less, and wanting more out of their vaping experience. It’s because people...



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Aspire Breeze NXT

Aspire Breeze NXT