Rip Trippers, a man with the attention of 600,000 vapers on his YouTube Channel, has betrayed the very industry that embraced his absurd antics and over theatrics, in what appears to be an endorsement for Ultima – an electrolyte powder to help with vape sickness.

In the last week, the internet and blogosphere have exploded due to Rip Trippers recent video, as though this was the first time in history anyone has been accused of being a paid spokesman for a company.  Had this been one of his several hundred previous video’s that told the viewers how to build coils or whichever device he was favoring today, nobody would have batted an eyelid.  Unfortunately this time, he wasn’t telling anyone what vaping gear to buy, but instead how the last 2 years of his vaping journey had been plagued with illness.

trippers sells out: side effectsSick As Trip’s!

I would link the video for you, but the video in question has since been removed due to the overwhelming negative response Rip Trippers received from the vaping community.

The basic message of the video was that about 2 years ago he began developing symptoms that he could not attribute to any specific illness.  Cramps in his calf muscles and forearms, acute headaches, dry mouth, and my personal favorite, dry skin on his knuckles.

He spoke briefly of various trips to the doctor’s office, during which time he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism: 2 of the main symptoms of which are dry skin and muscle cramps, and was deemed to be allergic to nothing but eggs.

He noted that the thyroid medicine worked for a couple of weeks, but the only thing that seemed to cure him of his symptoms was spending time in a sauna every day and taking the electrolyte powder that he recommended every vaper purchase.

Rip Trippers sells out:ultimate snake oil

What Is Everybody’s Problem?

The advice he gave in the video was actually solid, drink plenty of water, don’t spend all day sitting on your backside, take supplements and look after your body.  I personally have no problem with that, if he wants to sell multi-vitamins and supplements, that is his business.

Unfortunately for him, by trying to combine his symptoms with vaping, he probably made the single greatest mistake of his life.  We have the FDA and a thousand other entities around the world looking for an excuse to make vaping disappear, and here we have the bearded blunderer happily loading up the ban cannon for them.  His approach to the problem was o ignore the doctors and his friend who told him to get up off his backside and jump to the conclusion without any scientific evidence that vaping was to blame.

He did the job of a California-based University without asking for grant money, just laid his claims out for the world to see, with as much validity as a Stanton Glantz publication.  All he had to do was keep vaping out of the equation, but he couldn’t manage to separate his greed from his common sense.

The funny thing is, I have many of the same symptoms that he displayed and would have taken his advice on the electrolyte powder.  The difference is, I know that mine are caused by not drinking enough water, not working out enough and sitting on my ass behind a desk all day.

As always, enjoy your vaporizers and vape safe!


    • There is a difference in selling an advertisement spot on a website or selling a mod, than blaming vaping to sell a product. Twisted selling his own mod makes him a sell out? So just because he gives his opinion on products means that he can’t sell a product? Ads on this website means we’re selling out? How exactly do you think websites remain online? Adam, my man, you’ve got things a bit twisted. But it’s cool, I understand your reasoning.

    • Adam McKeithan, are you for real? The only true sell-out I see here is you!! Selling out your favorite iconic reviewer that is. First off, he states in every video that these are just his views and opinions. Alot of his symptons are related to dehydration! Which vaping has been proving to dehydrate you. Which personally I would rather be dehydrated then inhaling carcinogens any day of the week! So technically electrolyte powder is probably the answer, and like any other product on the market there are always different companies versions that work better than others. Isn’t that the whole reason you watch Rip Trippers to begin with?? To find a knowledgeable person’s opinion of a product!!! Otherwise why would you even waste your time watching him! Instead, you bash him for recomending a product that has worked for him. Meanwhile if it was a RDA that he recomended you would’ve already ordered it before you finished watching his review, like half of the other brainless zombies who just take somebodys opinion and buy products, without actually taking the time to make a researched and educated opinion of their own! Ontop of ASSUMING that he gave you AFFILIATED links in his description. Which would say, that all the links of products that he recommended to you were affiliated as well! Which just like Blake Brown just explained to you is how the internet industry works! In turn what does it matter to you anyway how he makes his money, even if he did, it wasn’t off of your sale! With all this in mind, I am still overly confident in saying, that I am sure Rip has done atleast 10,000 times more for the vape comunity then your whiney little sell-out ass has, right?

      • What everyone is going to have to do is grow up and understand we’re all adults here and have to provide for our families. Just because vaping is our passion and we’re all for it, doesn’t mean we’re not supposed earn a living. If I was working at a Burger King, does Adam think I’m a sell out in the food industry? – Does this also mean all the vendors in the vaping industry are sell outs also since they sell vape products and make money from it? – Where everyone has a problem with what Rip did, is he put the blame on the very thing he’s been fighting for, in a way to push a certain product.

        • First of all, x cigarette smokers who found vaping and saved their lives never watch RIP trippers videos. In my own opinion, his videos are geared toward the “DarkSide” of vaping. The builds he claims he creates are ridiculous. When a simple micro coil will almost match whatever coil combination he comes up with. He is a creator of fads, and unfortunately the Vaping industry actually manufacture products based on some of his builds. Again, In my own opinion he isn’t concerned about converting smokers to a harm reduction product but to sell and create a brand known as RIP TRIPPER. I once ordered a liquid by him that he said was incredible, RIPP’s Candy Flavored something, and it literally tasted so bad I almost vomited. He push’s higher watt MOD’s and views them as incredible advances in the vaping industry. 200 watt mods are not needed under any type of circumstance if your vaping to stop smoking. And the person who invented vaping from China did so to stop smoking. Real people who do reviews and actually care about the industry like Phil Busardo, In every one of his videos he states that he will not review high wattage items, or e-liquids without proper safety proof caps and appropriate warnings on the bottle. Phil has even started a non-profit company as an Advocate with several China Manufacturers. Unlike RIPP’s Video where he opens the product and maybe used for a day before shooting his review. Phil will torture test the MOD’s for at least 2 weeks before review. You get better advice, better reviews, more detailed information, and a positive advocate against regulations that will negatively impact the vaping industry. We do need regulation by the FDA. These High watt mods, unprotected liquids, created in god knows what type of room or ingredients. So Im for some regulation, but not all out bands. Vaping for 5 years it took me 1 week after smoking 5 packs a day for 20 years to transition to vape. Let us not forget that is what this industry is for. Those who are sell outs, or have poor more’s should leave the industry because all your doing is making it worse.

    • To be honest, rip is a sell out.
      But there is nothing wrong with twisted selling his own mod.. he works hard, and worked hard to create it, for himself and his viewers and all the vapers out there. He is transparent in his videos and admits he makes money off of them.

  1. Perhaps he should also start touting Vagisil, tampons, Midol, and mini-pads, as obviously he has sprouted pus flaps as a side effect from vaping too. And his poor widdle dry knuckles boofuckityhoo… He is a knucklehead for even posting this video. I have unsubscribed from his channel. In the vaping community, he has gone from Hero to Zero in the amount of time it took him to film and post this ridiculous implication that vaping has caused his issues. He should go back to combustible tobacco products as vaping would add years to his life. Thanks for helping the FDA add fuel to hard-on against vaping products, you moronic loser. Somebody please take his video making abilities away before he ends up taking us back to the dark ages in every other sense of the word. I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame DipShitter. It’s all over now.