I’m sure most of you vapers smell your e-liquid before you decide to try it. Usually from the smell, we can sense if it’s going to be good or for nicer words… just not your cup of tea. After I held the fancy bottles which held Sweet Georgia Peach E-Liquid, I knew once I unscrewed that cap and took a quick sniff, that this e-liquid is going to be a great vape.

To start with…

The bottles with the dripper style caps look fantastic and works great if that’s your thing. The look of it flows great and well matching with their whole ‘Pipe’ theme. The bottle is brown in color and the front of the bottle having a nice designed and well-printed label. On the back of the bottle is a some-what warning label saying “This product may contain nicotine. Keep out of reach of children.”, which I thought was a professional addition, which at the same time showing a sense of humor by saying “Surgeons in general warn living will cause death.” printed just below on the back side label. This tells me that the company I’m dealing with is professional, but at the same time still knows how to crack a joke every once in a while. On the side of the bottle is a small round label that displays “12 Proof”, which is referring to the nicotine strength of the e-liquid. The labels overall are neatly placed on the bottle and designed to appeal.

Even though the dropper bottles look great and match the theme, I’m not too fond of them. I much prefer a regular bottle, where I can just unscrew the cap and drip. The dropper tubes tend to have a big hole at the bottom where the drops drip quickly. It’s like a race to drip and get it back in the bottle before you make a mess. However, ePipeMods e-liquid was designed specifically to use with their E-Pipe’s and I can very much see them being great for that.

Pipe Sauce?

I scrolled around on the ePipeMods website looking for a description and finally found it located at the bottom of the ‘Pipe Sauce’ page. Sweet Georgia Peach E-Liquid description stated “The Juiciest Peach is a Sweet Georgia Peach. This pipe blend isn’t candy sweet but a more natural, true peach tobacco flavor.  The flavor has been carefully balanced with a mild tobacco to ensure that no particular flavor overtakes this deliciously blended vape.” – With that being said, it almost wraps up my review. I think the description they’ve provided is pretty accurate. The peach wasn’t a candy peach, but more close to a real peach, but lighter and covered with a very mild tobacco. When I say light tobacco, I mean very light. For those of you who only vape fruits and never think you’ll enjoy a tobacco vape, trust me when I say this… you just haven’t found the right vendor to offer it. I’m personally not a tobacco vaper and I rarely find a tobacco e-liquid that I’ll vape. This tobacco e-liquid is one of those rare occasions.


The vapor production with this e-liquid is massive. I didn’t see anywhere on the ePipeMods website where it states the PG/VG mix ratio, but I can tell you the liquid looks/feels a bit thick, and it provides plumes of vapor. The e-liquid line is named “Pipe Sauce” and when I think of that name, it screams tons of vapor for some reason. Maybe I’m thinking of how you always see an old man smoking his pipe with it boiling tons of smoke. If they were trying for a resemblance, they damn sure done a good job.

Throat Hit

The throat hit with the Sweet Georgia Peach was… well, there was none. I didn’t get any hint of throat hit, but as you’ve seen in my past reviews, I don’t like a throat hit anyways. So, good for me, right? – I’m not a pipe smoker, nor have I ever been, so I’m not sure if they were intended for a throat hit. I honestly can’t stand a big throat hit because it always makes me swallow for some reason. I know, weird.


The ePipeMods crew has definitely put the time into designing a great theme for the pipes and very much so has a one of a kind thing going on. I’m not sure on the rest of their e-liquid line-up, but from the taste of this Sweet Georgia Peach E-Liquid, they’ve definitely got some good juice. If you’re a tobacco vaper or even if you’re a fruit vaper, this is one tobacco vape that I’m positive you’ll love.


To see more flavors and try the “Pipe Sauce” for yourself, please visit www.ePipeMods.com