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The Vapers of 2013

We’re the one’s who were here for the fancy Protank, Protank 2 and beloved EVOD. The bottom coil changeable masters, modders and mixers. We were here to witness the start of tobacco companies bombarding our industry, introducing today’s commercials and yesterdays devices. We were...


Electronic Cigarette Commercials Are Hot

Electronic cigarette commercials are hot right now. It’s not only letting the world know about these miracle devices, but it’s also influencing many to switch and also has played a huge role in building the e-cigarette industry to a projected $1.7 billion by the end 2013. If you...

Electronic Cigarette News

A Familiar Story About FDA Regulation

by Klaus Kneale The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has caused a number of panics among electronic cigarette business owners and consumers with its mostly misdirected, misguided, and misleading remarks about how it intends to regulate the industry.  The most recent incident came from a Wall...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

Innokin Ucan V2.0 Review

If you’ve ever had trouble with e-liquid bottles from various companies, you’re not alone. Some bottles are either too soft, too hard or its dripper tip is too big to fill your e-liquid tanks and cartomizers with ease. The Ucan is a wonder to the e-liquid industry that many just...

Product Reviews Vape Pen Reviews

EGO X6 Starter Kit Review

The EGO X6 from Clever Vape is a fancy little device. Being it’s a starter kit, it makes for a perfect starter kit for an intermediate leveled vaper. For those of you who haven’t yet stepped off into the world of mods, this kit is a fantastic introduction to it. About The EGO X6: The X6...


3 Highly Recommended Products For E Cigarette Safety

With the random media publications of more electronic cigarette users experiencing difficulties with devices, E Cigarette Safety should be placed at the forefront of the industry. Keeping good practices in mind, safety is most vital when handling or operating any electronic device. Here are 3 of...

Vape Juice Reviews

Banana Mint Milkshake E-Liquid Review

Though I’m typically not one to fancy dessert vapes, this out of my zone Plume Room flavor may eventually win me over. Do you remember Troop? – Sure you do! For those of you who haven’t followed GuideToVaping for very long, “Troop” wrote and published some very...



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