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Aspire BDC eGo Clearomizer Review

Though the Aspire BDC eGo Clearomizer may look very familiar, its performance is more than likely beyond what you’ve experienced in the past. This is honestly the first time that I can say I have found the perfect clearomizer. Sit back and relax, because this is one product review you must...

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Hospital Designated Smoking Area

Unfortunately, my Father In-Law has taken a huge slump in health lately. While visiting him in the hospital yesterday, he finally decided to get out of that depressing room and enjoy the fall weather. So, I take him for a spin in some ancient wheel chair, which we all weren’t too fond of. As...

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Lorillard Acquires U.K E-Cig Company SKYCIG

Lorillard made its debut into the electronic cigarette industry just over a year ago when they purchased leading U.S. electronic cigarette company Blu Cigs. Since then, Lorillard continued to sore with profits on the newly acquired Blu and the tobacco giants funding allowed them to once again sink...

Electronic Cigarette News

Site News: Upcoming Forum Giveaways

I would first like to say thank you to all of you who have been participating in the Guide To Vaping Forum giveaways. Starting up a forum is tough. I’ve never endured such a challenge of getting users to participate and discuss on a forum. The blog came naturally… I write information...


E-Cigarettes – Freedom of Choice

While browsing through YouTube’s huge database of everything in videos, I came across one that left me with an emotional and thankful feeling. This video was perfect; something I’ve been waiting to see for so long. It shows the world many former tobacco smokers that found electronic...



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