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Getting Out of The Funk!

I remember back when I used to quickly run through the packs of Marlboro cigarettes, nicotine satisfied, but always extremely lazy. The smoke was corroding my life, leaving me gasping for some fresh air, as my lungs have for sure taken its toll. I had no energy due to my horrible habits and...

Vape Meets

VapeStock 2012- Florida. An image gallery

This weekend in vaping, brought the 2nd annual Florida Vape Meet known as VapeStock. Vapers new and old gathered to see old friends, meet new ones and check out the latest in ecig/vaping product offerings. Where: Clearwater FL. Here’s a glimpse of what you might have missed if you...

Vape Blog

What If It Never Was

Our community, such a huge gathering of people offering entertainment, support, fun and a better way. This community we have has inspired me in so many ways, whether it was the creation of, the friends met or the support given to keep pushing forward with electronic cigarettes. We...

Basic Information

The Vaping Community

Community (approved vendors, shows and forums) The vaping community is one of the more fun groups on the web. Time after time you’ll see someone PIF to a less fortunate vaper. We are lucky to have Mark from Mark, the maker of the Marks Mod has made hundreds of mods and has...



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