I remember back when I used to quickly run through the packs of Marlboro cigarettes, nicotine satisfied, but always extremely lazy. The smoke was corroding my life, leaving me gasping for some fresh air, as my lungs have for sure taken its toll. I had no energy due to my horrible habits and then… I found electronic cigarettes.

Once I started using electronic cigarettes, I regained this boost of positive energy. I felt that if I could make this switch or change, then there are many more things I’m capable of doing. E-Cigs actually gave me a new light, but I’ve always felt like I have fallen short and haven’t taken advantage of it. It’s about doing right by my body. I can now breathe perfectly fine and I’m more than able to run miles, leaving the smokers in the dust ash. Lately I’ve been on this kick of drinking my diet drinks and ‘trying’ to eat a bit healthier. I’ve definitely had the support here at home and from hearing recent “Click, Bang” episodes of Russ living the much healthier lifestyle, I’ve gained more of an urgency to do the same.

Today I decided it was time to sign up for the gym. Now keep in mind, I’ve already went out and bought a few weights which I do use in my garage, but quickly becoming discouraged and bored was my downfall. I figured if I was paying for it, then it might motivate me a bit more to go. This on and off garage time definitely isn’t cutting it, that’s for sure. I love it when I feel motivated and not so lazy, which I’m sure most of you do… but for me lately, I’ve been in this little funk.

The first day of this month (August) has kicked off to a great start. I received my new Chrome LavaTube earlier and then made a trip to the gym. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting out of this writers block and I even jumped in a Google+ Hangout. I haven’t been writing a lot on GTV and I’ve kind of distanced myself from the E-Cig community, so maybe today is a sign of me getting out of that ‘funk’ (as Troop calls it).