Community (approved vendors, shows and forums)

The vaping community is one of the more fun groups on the web. Time after time you’ll see someone PIF to a less fortunate vaper. We are lucky to have Mark from Mark, the maker of the Marks Mod has made hundreds of mods and has never sold one. He gives his wooden love away on vaping forums, shows and meets. This community has vendors that have donated thousands of dollars to vaping research. This community is full of fun, creative, helpful and very knowledgeable people with one thing in common. We don’t smoke, we vape- and we like to help others make the transition. (See the “Who’s Who” of vaping, only at

If you haven’t already ordered your ecig, look around GTV for answers to any questions you may have. Another great, responsive and intelligent way of information is forums. Wading through the BS is half the battle, and we’ve done it for you!