Our community, such a huge gathering of people offering entertainment, support, fun and a better way. This community we have has inspired me in so many ways, whether it was the creation of GuideToVaping.com, the friends met or the support given to keep pushing forward with electronic cigarettes. We all couldn’t have made a better choice in our life and we’re all here to share it with one another.  What tobacco cigarette user has built a community or better yet, what tobacco cigarette user has arranged an event for the use? – The answer is no one.

Many of us are very involved in this community we have and many of us have relied on it, something like a crutch. In this blog post, I don’t want to bore you with what we all already know, but I do have a question for you that has been on my mind lately. For the last two weeks, I’ve pulled away from the community and that’s what made me think of the question.

“What if it never was… what if we didn’t have this online community of vapers?”

Everyday I get on my computer and immediately talk to one of my friends that vape (Troop), hit up Google+ for a hangout full of vapers and get on GTV to write about vaping. So, what if this all never was and how would it affect us as vapers? – If we all didn’t have this community to discuss vaping with, would we have given up earlier on throughout our time vaping? – Would there have been a Grimm Green reviewer, an ElixirTV or even a GuideToVaping?

Our community is constantly filled with drama, and don’t think I’m trying to be the super innocent. But, take a step back and really think about the question. Understand that what we have is a privilege. Forget the past and erase the bullshit. Let’s build an example and set a better journey for the new vapers of 2012 and the ones to follow.


  1. I Couldn’t agree more. The world of vaping is consistently changing and the drama with it. I do feel that there real reason we are here is to help people that want to be free and safe from analogs. I love this forum. I am analog free for 6 months and have as well developed a site that is more informational and The people there to date are drama free. I cant express this point enough because for new people that come in and see this it could be a real turn off. I think we need to stand united and go forth. The ecig saved my life. Great post


    • I’ve just deleted 6 of your comments on random posts with you spamming your shitty v2 affiliate link. This site is to help users, not throw links at them for shitty, high priced electronic cigarettes just so you can make a buck or two.

  2. The vaping community helped me through some rough months but I am happy to say I am in control and enjoy helping others through my own experiences. I have wanted to give in many a time in the past only to speak to a fellow vaper who helped me stay on path. I am just concerned with the way vaping is going…soon it will become very commercialised – which obviously means the prices will shoot up 🙁