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Vapers Aren’t Quitting, They Just Switched

  This was a comment made by a representative of the American Lung Association in a recent post in Reuters and is the inspiration behind Dr. Michael Siegels recent article. As I am sitting behind my desk right now, attempting to write this piece, I want to impress upon you the fact that I am...


The True Difference Between Vaping And Smoking

  According to the FDA, there’s absolutely no difference between the use of vaping devices and smoking cigarettes.  The 500 pages of deeming rule include a lot of very confusing regulations, but one in particular, has not only the vaping community, but a vast number of highly respected...

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Delegate Faircloth Needs Your Signature

  West Virginia Delegate Larry W Faircloth has spent a great deal of time and energy battling the Government in his State when it comes to vaping and the rights of vapers. Last year, he helped to crush a tax on vapor products and is currently in the trenches once again as they relentlessly...

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Statement about Electronic Cigarettes

Once again, “Clearstream” brings a challenge to anyone involved in the researching and reporting of ecigs and ecig effectiveness or safety.  FA Clearstream is making a simple statement that requires scientific thought vs. repeating, or buying in to a couple of bunk press...

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We Are Vapers -A Documentary Film

(From We Are Vapers – A Documentary Film from Linc Williams on Vimeo.   We Are Vapers A Documentary Film An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction WHAT’S THE STORY ABOUT? Smoking tobacco can contribute to major health,problems. In the United States and Canada...



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