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What Is Variable Voltage?

Variable Voltage, or VV, is a feature found in some personal vaporizers that allows the user to manually adjust the voltage being provided to the atomizer (or cartomizer) heating coils. Generally, the voltage circuit will allow for a range of voltages from and more commonly around 3.0 volts and up...


Provari Vs. Lavatube/VariTube – Again??

Yes, we are having this conversation again. Without delving into the scores of threads on every vaping/ecig forum, there are other people out there still asking the question.  I caught a post on Reddit the other day once again asking “Provari or Lavatube” and started wondering if any of...


Will Variable Voltage Be The Future of Vaping?

Variable voltage  devices have swept the electronic cigarette market from under its feet and has planted its foundation for more vv e-cigs to come. Variable Voltage or VV devices have become more popular just in this recent year of 2011 and expect to grow substantially in china made devices to U.S...

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LavaTube – VolcanoEcigs

Every once in a while comes along a mod that abruptly sweeps the market of mods and causes hype and high expectations. The LavaTube from did just that. The LavaTube was probably the most talked about and the most purchased mod in the year of 2011 and from GuideToVaping’s...


What Is A VariVolt Electronic Cigarette?

VariVolt or VV, better known as a Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette is an E-Cig that has the potential to switch between multiple voltages on a device. Some devices are in steps such as 3.0v, 3.7v, 4.2v and so on, while others are on a wheel or button to climb in voltage. Electronic Cigarette...



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