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Texas Select Vapor – E-Liquid Giveaway – Giveaway Is Over

West Coast Vape Supply

Texas Select Vapor is your one stop shop for everything vaping! We carry 100% Authentic Joyetech Starter Kits & Accessories like the Joye 510, Joye eGo, Joye eGo-T, and Joye 510-T at honest and affordable prices. We also carry a full line of Ultra Premium USA E-Liquid made from only the best Kosher ingredients. We take pride in the products and service we provide. Our main focus is the customer, because like you, we are vapers too! We put every product through rigorous testing prior to making it available to our customers, this way we know exactly what you can expect. So whether you’re a beginner looking for your first starter kit or an avid vaper looking for the highest quality parts and USA E-liquid, Texas Select Vapor is here for you.

What We’re Giving Away

There will be 2 winners in this weeks giveaway.  Each winner will be contacted after the giveaway and asked to pick their flavor of choice from and details will be given to claim the gift.


  • 1 X 10mL Bottle of USA E-Liquid (First Winner)
  • 1 X 10mL Bottle of USA E-Liquid (Second Winner)


How To Participate

In order to participate and have a chance at winning, you must reply to this post with a way we can contact you and tell us how you got into vaping.  The contest will start on a Wednesday, then continue on for two weeks, ending on a Wednesday.  At the end of the contest we will record a video of us using a number generator and which ever number it generates, we will find that numbered reply, contact the winner and announce the winners name and that the contest has ended. If you didn’t win, don’t worry… We will be starting another giveaway the following Wednesday.

Giveaway ends on 10/26/2011 and on that day we will announce the two winners.

Congrats to Darrin and Pageanmoon for winning the E-Liquid Giveaway!

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. Good luck everybody! Get some juice!

  2. My dad had seen one of the kiosks at the mall and told me about it. I purchased a NJoy because they were locally based here in Scottsdale. Been vaping now 3 years. Good times! 🙂

  3. Saw a post on an off topic forum about people using e-cigs and after finally figuring out what all the pieces and parts were over a few days i dove right in with a Riva starter kit and have been smoke free for over 4 months now!

  4. Went out to have a smoke with my friend at work and he pulls out what looks like a pipe bomb (home made PV). I ask WTF is that? He says oh I quit smoking and started vaping. He let me try it and I was hooked. Thanks to him I have stopped smoking 🙂

  5. I wanted to quit cigs, and was looking for a way to do so

  6. I was about to buy a carton of Newports at a local smoke shop…and decided to give the e-cig a try. It was a piece of crap chinese 901, but it started the ball rolling!! I’ve been wanting to quit smoking because I’m in the army and my physical fitness suffers because of 16 years of smoking tobacco.

  7. On December 17, 2010, I walked in to a 7-11 to get a pack of cigarettes and saw that they had electronic Cigarettes. I decided to try them. They were only so so but I noticed that 2 days later I had not had a cigarette. That was the best day of my life. After 27 years as a smoker, I was finally done!!

  8. blunt smoker (weed wraped in a cigar leaf)I wanted to quit getting high, when I did get high I would feel stupid, when I didn’t I would feel a very strong urge to smoke, then one day I got an idea and got me a mini cigar. The moment I smoked it I knew I was hooked to the tobacco leaf so I replace blunts with cigars. I was happy to get off the weed, but I started to regret the cigars. I started to smoke more and more of them and my house smelled like an ashtray. One day I saw an ad for Blu. What a mistake that is one of the biggest pieces crap on the market. A beginner should start with a quality kit like an ego or a 510 manual pen style. 3 years later and I find that I love vaping. I love how I can vape at home and the eliquid makes no or a pleasant smell. I feel good about myself and my health choice. Now I find pleasure in trying out new eliquids and turning on smokers to electronic vaping and seeing them go months without lighting a cigarette

  9. Google Plus circle member. Vaping- a friend mentioned it, a Vaping Co. I no longer us (devilish one) had a floating Christmas Ego sale and ordered and not an analogue since

  10. found out that i had copd from the doctor in feb so i had to quit the analogs. did research on ecigs and found alot of forums. started out with a 401 from china(lol). i feel much better and can breath better!!!

  11. Nice contest guys. Hope I win some juice! Have a great evening!

  12. I first started vaping so I’d have something to smoke in the house during the late hours when I’d get comfortable and settle into a movie that would’t make the house stink or yellow my walls.I discovered in doing that I actually prefered vaping to smoking and gave up smoking tobacco all together.I still vape and I’m feeling better than I ever have before I don”t get short of breath nearly as fast anymore,my sence of smell has came back as well as taste,I’d recommend anyone anyone addicted to tobacco to give these a shot, it may suprize you.Just stay away from mall kiosk and “free trial” type e cigs or they may turn you off to a life changing alternative.Find a good honest vendor like the one above ,,or and they will do their best to set you up with the right e-cig for you even if it’s one they dont sell themselves,theres other too just didn’t want to make this comment a much longer read than it already is, there’s really no shortage of good helpful people in the vaping is a good place to ask questions too if you’re forum savvy

  13. Want to quit smoking, but like (gasp!) the habit.
    Also (I think) I met some vapers in a dream years ago, who showed me it was more than just a nicorette inhaler with batteries.

  14. I started getting chest pains, so that’s why I quit smoking. E-Cigs have been great for me so far. No more cravings for cigarettes. Picked up a 510 kit and some e-liquid, and I was on my way!

  15. A friend of mine gave me an ego kit to use during Dragoncon last month so I would not have to run out frequently to take smoke breaks and in our hotel room I could vape instead of riding the elevator 60 floors to go outside. I continued after the con and have not had an analog since.

  16. Smoking cigarettes became way too expensive for me, and I’d been seeing ads for Blu all over the internet for a while. I decided to give it a try. I was hooked pretty much the first day. Blu works fine despite what most people will tell you. There are definitely better products out there that will cost you less, but blu is NOT a gigantic piece of crap. About a year and a half after I bought my blu kit, I now have a megalodon mod from I’ve saved a crapload of money(and phlegm).

  17. Because my employer is going to start taking extra money out of it’s smoking employees checks, I decided it was time to try to quit… again. Someone I work with vapes and after talking to her about it I decided to give it a try. Couldn’t hurt, tried almost everything else! 47 days later I haven’t even touched a cigarette and don’t want to! Got my eGo T and am living happily ever after. 🙂

  18. I quit cause I wanted to save a lung!!

  19. I started vaping as a way to save money and along the way ended up not wanting to smoke cigarettes anymore. That was in March of this year and I have been cigarette free since Mother’s Day.

  20. I was dating a guy that smokes 2 packs of marlboro a day. I smoke a lot less and it was bothering me. I kept saying he sould slow it down, or at least not smoke in the bedroom. Then I saw a woman vaping at a bar by copacabana beach and went crazy, started researching , and finally bought a 510 kit. by the time it arrived I´ve already broke up with the marlboro dude, but decided to use the 510 kit myself, and simply loved it, got adapted in the first week ! and I´ll never buy smelly ones again !!!!!

  21. Since I got my 510 kit , black with blue led,
    I became the TALK OF THE TOWN !
    ” There comes the girl that smokes that bluetooth cig ”
    I´m having a blast 🙂

  22. my daughter stopped by with one of the directecig units, and let me try it. That decided me on trying to use it to quit. Patchesw and drugs were not working for me.

  23. It seems like I tried a million products to try to quit smoking….pills, patches, hypno…nothing worked for long, if ever. Vaping is the only thing that worked because I didn’t think of analogs 24/7 like I did with other products. For me it is the perfect substitute for cigarettes.

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