Though you may notice I’ve been slacking on content for you all lately, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. I know you would like more articles to read now, but I’ve been super busy planning for Guide To Vaping’s future. I have some exciting news for us both!

typingAs you’ve noticed, the content on Guide To Vaping isn’t as steady as it once was. Around ninety percent of the content that has been written has all come from myself, and unfortunately, there comes a time where I lack ideas and the news isn’t as constant. With that said, I’ve decided to start building the Guide To Vaping Staff, one motivated and passionate vaper at a time. I first asked my Wife, Ashley Brown, to join in on the fun, and she’ll be handling the Vapor Shop entries and publishing community and industry news. I then talked to a vaper whom I’ve only known for a few months, named Zack Lopez. I met Zack online, he’s very passionate about the advanced portion of the market and will mainly publish articles about rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods.

With the addition of Ashley and Zack, a more consistant stream of new content will be published for your learning, entertainment and enjoyment.

The next set of news is the annual online event held at Guide To Vaping, yes… The Best of 2014. This online event will be the 4th consecutive year that the online community will participate in an awesome community driven poll to decide on who and what is the best in vaping. Last year we had a lot of trouble, with the poll itself, Guide To Vaping’s server and the way we collected entries and votes. I’ve apologized for this and I told you all that the 2014 event will be improved. I’m holding up to what I said and I’ve not only purchased a larger server, but I’ve also hired and developer to create a poll system specifically for Guide To Vaping’s Best of events. The way the poll system is going to work will eliminate our “entries” phase and will allow you to make your final vote the first time around. This means that the event will not start on October 1st as it normally does… it will start on December 1st. In addition, security checks will take place to prevent any mistakes in the system and to prevent anyone trying to cheat the poll system. Many of you thought that there should have been different categories and even more categories last year and I appreciate that feedback. To create the best event possible, I will be contacting many reputable people within the online community to pick each category – names like Russel Wishtart, Grimm Green, Pbusardo, Dimitris, and others.

I’ve devoted more than 3 years of my life to this blog and I’m looking to continue building this website that has informed many vapers, helped them switch and provided entertainment, so if you would like to donate helpful information, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you all for the continued support!