Thank you for casting your vote and helping decide the best of ECC Ontario 2018! We want you to know that we have a true, deep passion for the vaping industry and the culture it has created. With that said, we hope the best of ECC Ontario online polling event was able to deliver a bit of extra fun to your vaping experience and we hope it drives the exhibitors that have participated to continue doing what they do. Below you will see live results of the best of ECC Ontario 2018. When the event comes to a close, not only will the results be here for you to see, but the ECC staff will also announce the winners and hand out awards as well.

NOTE: If your company name or product has been misspelled or there are duplicate entries on the poll, they will be fixed before the best of ECC Ontario ends. So that you’re aware, Blake Brown has not attended the event this year but will be continuously working to maintain the polls throughout the event. If any issues arise, you have questions or concerns, please visit the front desk.

The Best of ECC Ontario

1st Place: Twist E-Liquids – 480 Votes

2nd Place: Slushy King – 474 Votes

3rd Place: Shijin Vapor – 342 Votes

  • Total Votes: 2,216
  • Total Skips: 93

Best Vape Brand

1st Place: Shijin Vapor – 579 Votes

2nd Place: Twist E-Liquids – 527 Votes

3rd Place: RYPE E-Liquid – 264 Votes

  • Total Votes: 2,262
  • Total Skips: 46

Best Booth

1st Place: Twist E-Liquids – 552 Votes

2nd Place: Vape LDRS – 343 Votes

3rd Place: Shijin Vapor – 277 Votes

  • Total Votes: 2,163
  • Total Skips: 156

Best Hardware/Device Product

1st Place: VGOD – 400 Votes

2nd Place: TVL – 348 Votes

3rd Place: SMOK – 164 Votes

  • Total Votes: 1,467
  • Total Skips: 346

Best E-Liquid Product

1st Place: Shijin Vapor – 646 Votes

2nd Place: Twist E-Liquids – 519 Votes

3rd Place: Slushy King – 238 Votes

  • Total Votes: 2,245
  • Total Skips: 61