Squonk mods are the latest craze in vaping, and with that comes a variety of questions. The most common question is “what is the difference between a regulated and unregulated squonk mod?”  It’s a common question amongst vapers because unregulated squonk mods are a more common product you’ll find within the market, it’s the type of squonk device that was first introduced, and regulated squonk mods are now becoming habitual. Whether you seek this answer to your question for pure knowledge or if you’re simply trying to determine which type of mod is safest, we’re glad we can help provide an answer for the difference between a regulated and unregulated squonk mod.

Squonk Mods Can Be Regulated or Unregulated

The first thing you’ll want to know about squonk mods is that there is no definitive device when it comes to regulated or unregulated devices. A squonk mod can be made as either, regulated or unregulated, and it all depends on how the device was manufactured. If it contains circuitry or a board of some sorts to help deliver power, it’s a regulated mod. If the mod doesn’t house those features, wiring and such, then it’s an unregulated mod.

What Are Squonk Mods?

Certainly if you’re on the hunt for information regarding squonk mods or bottom-feeding (BF) products, we’re sure you won’t mind reading about these devices and how they work. Not everyone that finds this post will know much about squonking. In fact, many viewers will stumble upon this post wondering what a squonk mod is and how it works. The bonus here is that they’re already getting even more future questions answered, like the difference between a regulated and unregulated squonk mod. Even if you decide squonk mods aren’t for you, this information applies to regular (non-squonk/non-BF) mods as well.

Getting straight to the point, squonk mods are devices that house a bottle or way of housing a liquid storage container within the device. Typically, squonk mods use small plastic or silicone bottles. A tube runs from the bottle up to the 510 connection that features a BF (bottom-feeding) 510 pin. When the plastic or silicone bottle is filled with e-liquid, you can simply press the bottle, forcing e-liquid up through the tube and through the 510 pin hole. When a BF-friendly atomizer is attached to the device, manually pressing the bottle will force e-liquid into the atomizer. Squonking is simply you pushing e-liquid up into an atomizer — and it doesn’t get any more technical than that!


Want A New Squonk Mod? We Can Help!

The below list will contain links to stores where you can purchase squonk mods. Some are regulated, while others are unregulated. We hope that from this article you’ll be able to choose the best option for yourself.

Direct Vapor Squonk Mods

Vapor DNA Squonk Mods

Element Vape Squonk Mods


The Difference Between A Regulated And Unregulated Squonk Mods

Now that you know what a squonk mod is, it’s time to learn the difference between a regulated one versus an unregulated one. An unregulated squonk mod contains no wiring or boards to help transfer power or manipulate it in any way. In fact, an unregulated mod will harness only the raw power from the battery(s) it houses. What happens is that a circuit is made, running from the battery to a 510 connection and the circuit is completed each time a button is pressed. A regulated squonk mod, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. It uses a board or chipset to regulate or manipulate the power flow and transfer of power from the device’s battery. This board can store a variety of features that greatly enhance its ability to deliver a great experience, such as regulating power, reading the resistance of atomizers to control temperature, making use of display screens, and hosting a number of protections.

Our Conclusion

Whether you’re someone who enjoys the luxury of adjustable wattage, temperature control, fancy displays, and safety features galore or just someone who prefers the raw battery power, no limitations, and a more compact design, squonk mods may be the way forward for you — it’s up to you decide which it will be, regulated or unregulated.