Welcome to The Best of ECC Detroit 2018, a page built exclusively for the Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC) Awards. Both Guide To Vaping and ECC have collaborated once again to deliver a unique polling system that allows participants to vote, and exhibitors to receive recognition at the world’s largest industry trade show and expo being held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan on April 13th-15th.

There has been overwhelming feedback from the ECC Awards with attendees eager to vote and exhibitors pumped with a competitive spirit. As many of you are aware, the ECC Awards are used to give attendees a platform to make their voice heard on who and what is the best during the ECC event, in addition to showing recognition to those exhibitors that go above and beyond in the vaping industry. We welcome you to participate and we look forward to the results you create using Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” polling system.

ABOUT: Guide To Vaping / ECC

Guide To Vaping is a blog owned and operated by Blake Brown since 2011.  It focuses on sharing unique, deep-rooted, information-driven articles about vaping.  Guide To Vaping writes and shares vaping news, studies, guides, how-to’s, reviews, general articles, and hosts the first and only annual ‘Best of’ online event for the vaping community.  Feel free to check out some of our articles at GuideToVaping.com.

ECC (Electronic Cigarette Convention) is a trade show and expo geared towards the vaping industry.  ECC is the largest vape expo in the United States.  It gathers the industry’s leading brands and connects vapers and vapor business owners with hundreds of manufacturers during a 3-day special event.  ECC will showcase a range of products and services from leading exhibitors, such as e-cigs, e-liquids, mods, accessories and new innovations within the industry.  Learn more about ECC at ECC-Expo.com.

How To Participate / Vote

NOTE – READ HERE FIRST: When attempting to vote, please turn off your WIFI and use the Internet from your mobile carrier.

  • 1. There are 5 categories to vote on. You are given 3 choices. Choose the proper choice, and go to the next category.
    • Option 1: Choose from a list of entries previously submitted by other voters.
    • Option 2: Manually write in your own entry IF it doesn’t already exist in the list in option 1.
    • Option 3: Skip the category entirely.
  • 2. Once you’ve completed one of the three options in each category, click the Submit button.
  • 3. You will then be asked to Login or submit your email. Doing this finalizes and records your entries and votes.
  • 4. Next you are given the option to share your participation.
  • 5. You will then be redirected to the results page.
Rules & Guidelines
  • Voting Starts on April 14th, 2018 and Ends on April 15th, 2018 (4:00 PM EST).
  • Only ECC Detroit Exhibitors are allowed to participate.
  • Votes are recorded by browser cookie and IP address – One vote per user/ip.
  • Exhibitors must enter their brands and own products in appropriate categories if voters haven’t already done so.
  • All entries or votes cast to non-attending exhibitors will be removed.
  • Entries and votes are based only on ECC Detroit products and exhibitors.
  • If you are caught giving away free product in exchange for votes, your company/brand/products will be removed from polls.