First they made the Darwin, then recently the Kick was introduced to give vapers a boost in wattage (among other things)- and now, Evolv is rolling out the DNA. Why, what- and for who…

Evolv, the maker of the Kick is just getting ready to bring the DNA modder’s board to market. Simply put, the DNA is a small VW board that is built for modders.  The DNA is small in order to be able to fit in a commonly sized tube, or box mod. In order to be used in various builds, the DNA is also sturdy and rugged.

How about power you ask? Think Darwin- and more. Let’s say you are just a bit vapor greedy- and the 5-12w board range just isn’t enough. Well, you can rejoice vapor-piggys- as the DNA can be used with two boards together in parallel for 24w! (1.5ohms stop at 24w, 2 ohms cut off at 18W.)

DNA modders boardDNA

potentiometer leads (through-hole solder), battery leads


Release date: 5/11/12

Cost: $34.99/unit (w/ price break if over 25, 50 and 100 units.)

Optional micro USB Charger: $7.50 expected.

Where: evolv

*Future boards will have the capability to wire in an LCD.
*Batteries must give you 5amps (sustained), HCLB


Interview with Brandon from Evolv from The Vape Team (starts at around 50 min.)



  1. […] The Evolv DNA board boosts and Regulates Power, using the technology in the module, and this boost requires additional amps to function. Thus, the High Drain battery is a necessity and listed as a requirement on the Evolv website. Brett (owner of Texas Select Vapor) has chosen a 22650, 2200mAh, 3.7V Li-Mn HighDrain battery that is included in the Stallion APV Kit. The large battery size has the potential to last from 1 to 2 days even with the heaviest of vapers. […]


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