For years there has been manufacturers spilling out new and innovative products throughout the vaping market, but unfortunately not all of them result in a success that should be mentioned years later.  However, there was one product, and though it didn’t have the success one would hope for, it’s definitely worth mentioning.  This product was called the Eclipse EQ — do you remember it?

The reason this mod is worth mentioning, despite its failure, is simply because it was one of the most advanced mods of its time.  In fact, if it gained the success that many were hoping for, the way we vape today could have been much different.  The Eclipse EQ was an advanced mod that instantly gained a lot of hype.  If it became so popular, why didn’t it succeed and what happened to it?  Let us tell you about the mod that never was in this post remembering the Eclipse EQ.

History of the Eclipse EQ

Eclipse EQ ModMost of you have never heard of this mod, and that’s understandable.  The reason why you haven’t heard of it is because it was first manufactured in early 2011.  The company that created the mod was an online vape store called Digital Ciggz, which now days have moved away from online retail and instead focuses its attention to its three brick & mortar locations.

The Eclipse EQ is a variable voltage, adjustable continuous bottom feeding, single 18650 mod that made use of a surgical pump to automatically feed e-liquid.  The mod was manufactured in the United States and during its first release was only being shipped to residents within the United States.  The EQ would set you back $300 if you wanted to own it, which was a lot of money for a mod back in those days (hell, that’s still expensive today too).  The Eclipse EQ by Digital Ciggz gained immediate hype and a buzz throughout the online vaping community, which caused many eager and waiting for its release.  There were tons of vapers talking about the EQ throughout its small existence, and some have even tried to revamp conversations about the mod, yet received no response about an old mod from a new crowd of vapers.

Shout out to my veteran 2011 vapers!

Eclipse EQ Features and Specifications

the pump is programmable, allowing users to adjust the pump time
The Eclipse EQ uses a single 18650 battery, while its housing is constructed of type 3 anodized aluminum for maximum protection.  As for its power, it has 4V to 6V that is adjustable in 10th increments.  It features a standard 510 connection and also has a battery level check, as well as a low battery indicator.  What makes this mod so incredible for its time was that it was one of the first mods to take a great leap of doing something different using technology and internal parts to make vaping easier for the user.

In fact, it sports an automatic e-liquid feeder by way of an electronic micro pump.  The pump is programmable, allowing users to adjust the pump time in how many drops were fed into the atomizer.  Furthermore, it boasts a custom precision drip feed adapter to make sure e-liquid gets delivered directly to the birdge of the atomizer and not down the side walls of the atomizer.  It also has a custom juice well to re-feed excess e-liquid back into the atomizer.  In addition, there were also other features that are quite notable, such as the pump off mode that allowed you to turn the pump off and use the device as a standard personal vaporizer, a touch sensitive fire button, an auto sleep mode that helped save battery life, short protection, over current protection, as well as a micro-USB port that allowed for internal charging and pass-through capability.

The Eclipse EQ Included the Following:

  • 1x EQ Personal Vaporizer Mod (Black)
  • 1x 18650 10c MNKE High-Drain Battery
  • 1x Drip Feed Adapter
  • 1x 306 to 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Set of Tubing (Various Lengths)
  • 1x 6mL Empty Bottle
  • 1x 6mL Bottle Tool
  • 1x Instructions Manual

Things To Note About The Eclipse EQ:

The EQ pump isn’t able to handle high viscosity e-liquid, but can handle a maximum of 80% VG and 20% PG.  If you use 90%-100% VG, you will void the warranty on the pump.

Here’s a video by basilray showing off the EQ

The Story of the Eclipse EQ Mod

The story is that Digital Ciggz built up a lot of hype around the mod, as it was going to be one of the most advanced mods released of its time.  It was sent to a small amount of reviewers and vape show hosts to gain traction.  Users were first able to pre-order the mod, and some of those were sent out.  From the information gathered, not everyone that pre-ordered the mod actually received it, but some say that no one was ripped off — as in their money was returned to them.  So, why didn’t everyone get the EQ that they ordered?  Well, a couple of weeks after the release, the Eclipse EQ was recalled, never being heard of again and no information available on what exactly happened.  Some believe the problem was due to the pump, which eliminated the mods “wow” factor.

Why We Should Remember The Eclipse EQ

We should remember the Eclipse EQ because it was the one mod that was set to change the game of vaping, it was set to create a new path for vaping as so many other products have along the way, being classed in the same category as products like the eGo, the Silver Bullet, the Darwin, the LavaTube, the ProVari, the VaporShark DNA, the Smoov, the Reo, and so many others.  These are all mods that created the path to lead us to where we are today, each playing a different role, each moving the path into a different direction.  However, there is an empty spot where the EQ was supposed to sit, and instead of going down in vaping history as one of the best mods to ever hit the vaping market, it’s now remembered as the mod that never was.

ATTN: This post is dedicated to those veteran vapers out there that just enjoy remembering the past times, the old days of vaping.


  1. I received my Eclipse EQ, held it for a couple of days before the recall was issued and I reluctantly returned it for refund.
    Your write up didn’t get the reason for the recall quite right. There was a problem with the liquid well where the atty connected to the box. It was determined that eLiquid would be able to leak into the circuitry and the mod would become a brick in a fairly short period of usage. Sad.