The stories that make ordinary people YouTube famous, pushing link filled articles and advertisements fueled by words of deliciousness… forget it all. This is the truth behind e-liquid reviews.

While most of the normal scavengers looking for the next all day vape see it as a helping hand, what is the true intent of the one that’s caressing your taste buds with words like delicious, tasty and wait… here’s one we all love ‘mouth watering’. The intent for e-liquid reviews usually rely on some reasoning and the majority are some type of push. Whether it be the reviewer is trying to become the next Youtube sensation, wanting views or hits, an advertisement and others do it merely to give you an idea of the product.

Although I partake and publish e-liquid reviews, I do find them some-what silly to an extent. While I do think pushing my personal tastes on you is silly, the hopes of you getting a sense or idea of the product from my long and what some say drawn out stories are almost expected. E-Liquid reviews are quite simple and it’s something anyone can do. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, a professional or even a hero to express your opinion, because in the end, all reviews depict an individual person’s opinion subjective to their own individual taste preferences or palate.

E-Liquid reviews are very subjective and if you ever hear anyone tell you that you will like a certain flavor or taste, then vapor isn’t what they’re blowing… more like bullshit. You can’t expect to like something just because someone else does. See, this is what’s so great about electronic cigarettes… we have such a huge selection of e-liquid flavors, and where one person may hate a certain flavor, they may fall in love with the next.

The truth behind e-liquid reviews is simply what you make of it. The review relies on how you perceive it. Reading or watching an e-liquid review for direction or just an idea depends on you.  For better words, you get what you take from it.


  1. This is a very great article on reviews about e liquid. Now this is what consumers and people should learn about. Anyone should always scrutinize the product that they’re using or about to use. Thumbs up for this post. Sharing this to my friends.

  2. Hello Vapin Friends,

    Although I just started vaping with eliquids ive learned a few things about it . I recently ordered A 80/20 pg/vg mix I was not happy with the vaping quality. I had to order straight vg to compansate to get more vape from my ecig. It seemed to work out pretty good for this round of vaping.I also got some straight vanilla flavoring witch helped with flavor. My next round of ordering I may consider getting double flavor.
    The bottom line is have fun learning.


  3. The truth? Subjectivity is a given, but what really drives them are profit – paid reviews are common and in the vape industry just as much so. Many wouldn’t agreed to it as it challenges the perception of trustworthiness (although it’s illegal some places not to disclose it), but there you have it. Advertisement drive sales, which drives revenue, which drive people.

  4. If I’m expected to listen to .30 seconds of crap music before the bozo of the day gives his opinion. I already know that he has bad taste. Underwater reviews, blowing vapor sideways out of your mouth looking like a distorted fish. Life’s too short.

  5. I will say I have found some amazing juice from people’s reviews. There are some that I discovered on my own. But I found most from Phil, Grimm, and Lot’s of others. I also did a You Tube juice review show about a year ago, so I am biased. I did it because I spent thousands of dollars looking for juice and finding lots that were just not good. There are lots of common ground with food tastes. I don’t know why everyone things vape taste is so subjective. I think that is the mantra of someone that makes or vapes sub par juice, because that’s all they have found, and they are amazed when we don’t like it.