Within our market, there’s always a fad of products.  We’ve seen it with our devices, such as small box mods being the hot item, and now the fad has become small RDA’s (rebuildable dripping atomizers).  The reason why these RDA’s have become so popular is that it condenses the vapor, which provides a big boost in flavor.  When you combine the condensed chamber with just the right amount of open airflow, you’re able to receive both outstanding flavor and a quite pleasing vapor production.  In this post we’ll be listing our opinion of the top 5 best small RDA’s.

Info: These RDA’s only reflect the opinion of Guide To Vaping and aren’t placed in any particular order. Links are provided to clone versions of the RDA’s listed.


1. Derringer RDA

The Derringer is one of the smallest RDA’s currently in the marketplace, being only 17.5mm in height and 22mm in diameter.  Though there have been small RDA’s before the Derringer, it happens to be the very RDA that started this recent fad of small drippers.  Its small size isn’t all there is to say about this atomizer, it has other notable features such as being constructed of 303 stainless steel, machine screws with allen heads, stainless steel center post, a deep juice well, adjustable vortex airflow, and not to mention the fact that the Derringer is from in a 3 piece design, allowing you to remove the deck completely for easy building.

derringerderringer apart


Obviously, the main focal point is that these small RDA’s offer the best flavor, and the Derringer was designed in such a perfect way to achieve that with flying colors.

Derringer RDA: GET IT HERE