New research just released using data collected by an ECF (electronic cigarette forum) survey may shine some light on the upsurge in popularity of regulated box mods over the last 12 months.

While this survey is only of a small sliver of the community at large, the 15,000 respondents over 2 years were enough to acquire some empirical data on subjects such as consumption and purchasing trends based on gender, age and length of daily electronic nicotine device usage at regional, state and national levels.  We do however have to bear in mind that those polled are more than likely experienced vapers, not new comers to the marketplace.

What A Difference A Year Makes

At this time in 2014, the market share was split relatively evenly between the eGo, mechanical and box mod styles of devices, each comprising approximately 1/3 of the hardware market.  Fast forward 12 months and 70% of the respondents are now using a regulated box on a regular basis.  Of those who were polled, less than 5% used the cig-a-like products, suggesting that for the experienced vaper, this is almost a negligible share of the market.  Geographically speaking, New York state was consistently identified as one of the top markets for the cig-a-like products year on year.

What Caused The Box Mod Explosion

mistic box modThe vaping industry is centered around one simple word;  Innovation.  The innovation to replace cigarettes in the first place, the drive of vapers to push the boundaries and limits of technology.  After watching the trends being developed the sub ohm tank systems were born, and in all honesty they changed the playing field.  The consumers were looking for devices that could run their new tanks at a consistent safe level that delivered a perfect hit every time.  This in turn lead to more companies developing what they considered the perfect box, and the market became flooded with amazing devices.  Some missed the mark and quickly faded into obscurity, but the consumers got what they were looking for.  Running alongside the increase in power and the development of temperature control devices, the sub tanks that were being designed to be used with have also improved exponentially.  A running joke in the industry is that by the time a brick and mortar store has a product on the shelf, it is already 3 weeks out of date and half as powerful as the one they will have the next month.

Sub Ohm Kits In The Super Market

With the industry’s development and its current heading, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before the shelves full of cig-a-likes in the convenience stores would be left to collect dust.  Creating an affordable product for the vapers of the future was a section of the market that was being largely left unfilled.  In the last week Mistic E-Cigs announced its new line of high-end vaping equipment and eliquids designed for sub ohm vaping, allowing consumers access to products only currently available in specialty vape shops and through Internet sales.  While we have had many issues within the vaping community about the manufacturing process of e-liquids and other safety problems, we now have a company preparing to release its products to mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Family Dollar.  Their current products are in 70,000 stores nationwide and they hope to put the “Haus Craft Collection” right on the shelves beside them.  They are offering a 30 watt box mod, sub ohm tank and replacement coils for less than $50, giving a wider audience access to this technology.