The Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W Box Mod just made me happy.  As a vaper and a writer, I rarely get excited over new products anymore. Regardless of their manufacturer or type we have a standard definition in our heads of vaping technology in the marketplace.  The Wismec Realeaux RX 200 is here to add an extra dimension to our vaping arsenals.

Wismec Realeaux RX 200 – Jay Bo Designs

The Wismec Realeaux RX 200 by Jay Bo Designs utilizes the Realeaux triple 18650 platform, taking full advantage of the sleek design and unique form.  Integration of the powerful RX200 chipset brings this amazing 200 watt device down to an amazingly affordable price point.  The ergonomically designed triangular-shaped chassis feels great in the hand but also serves the purpose of allowing room for all 3 batteries to fit perfectly inside. The revolutionary design and performance of its predecessor are all present.  A magnetized door houses the bay for your cells in which Wismec has integrated physical polarity protection.  The RX200 features the same recessed control face as the original Reuleaux, giving it a polished finish while keeping it form-fitting for the user’s hand.   As for functionality, the device will fire from 1 to 200 watts in power mode utilizing a coil system between 0.1 – 3.5 Ω.  The full temperature control system is compatible with Titanium, Stainless Steel and Ni200 wires between 0.05 – 1.0 Ω.  With temperatures ranging from 200-600° Fahrenheit this mega mod will keep you entertained all day.  One important point to remember with this device is that all batteries to be used with it should be married in triplicate ( same brand and same age) and should only be used  together  and charged together.  This will ensure longer battery life and prevent many potential cell problems in the future.  The chipset is also firmware upgradeable, giving the consumer and manufacturer the ability to improve on the device in the future.  The DNA chipset in the original Reuleaux will set you back $169.00 on VaporDNA, but by using the alternative RX 200 hardware they have  shaved $100 off the price.

The Future Of Vaping Technology

While I am still waiting on mine to arrive, I have spoken to several people who already got their hands on these beasts and also their DNA 200 counterparts.  While there is some difference in functionality, the performance of the less expensive device is not impeded.  The lack of the EScribe software that has everyone talking about the DNA 200 version is a down side, but as  the manufacturer has noted the firmware is upgradeable, this may be something to look out for in the future.  Basically, EScribe allows you to customize your vaping experience by modifying and configuring almost every setting within the DNA device, but personally I live by the keep it simple motto.  My main reason for being excited about this device is honestly battery life.  During my all day vape life I rarely vape above 70 watts, even though I utilize a 200 watt device.  The extra battery thrown into the mix will extend time between charges, which for myself is a huge bonus.  I applaud  the creation of the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W Box Mod by  Jay Bo Designs right here in the USA and as I sign off I am going to order my very own.

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As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!


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