So you are starting your research on ecigs. You’ve been through site after site (most likely the majority were affiliate sites with cooked reviews). Nothing is getting clearer- so maybe you settle on one and order. Great- at least you committed to trying the ecig, and you are on the path to smoking cessation. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect just yet- there’s more learning to do!

It’s common to think that you want your first ecig to look like a real cig. The problem with that is that the small ecig batteries don’t hold much of a charge and are not a good fit for those who were heavier
smokers. In addition, most of those cig look-a-likes come with pre-filled carts that may not taste the best. With the myriad of ejuice options available, your favorite will NOT be a prefilled cart. One more argument against the look-a-likes, and a big one for me is that those small batteries won’t power an LR atty without possible damage occurring to the battery.

Luckily for me, and thousands of others- there are forums with a lot of helpful ex-smokers to answer your questions. Soon it becomes clear and simple. You learn of the lies that the affiliate sites usually spout concerning 1 carto equaling a pack of cigarettes, or “long” battery life. You find that there are juice vendors with high quality ejuice that provides an experience better than smoking ever had been.