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10 Questions for JD Vorr- The King of DIY ejuice

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I have JD Vorr here, I call him the king of e-juice DIY. A lot of people DIY, and make great juice. I think the reason I think of JD as the “King of DIY” is two-fold. His juices are really really good, and he is likely responsible for getting 100’s of vapers into DIY through his show. He’s also given more juice away than anyone I know of.

Good to have you here JD. Tell those viewers that aren’t familiar a
little bit about yourself.

*I’ve been vaping since 2/2/2010. I live in Northern MN. I enjoy the
outdoors and really love the peace and quiet living up here. I do a show on Elixirtv every Thursday night, that revolves loosely around DIY eliquid making.

1. How long have you been making your own ejuice?

*Been doing DIY since May of 2010.

2. What was your first diy e-liquid and how did it taste?

*The first one was called Llama Spit. It was an apple, blackberry mocha that
was actually quite good.

3. What made you decide to DIY? Any interesting stories?

*I actually tried so many bad vendor made eliquids, I had to come up with
something I enjoyed or I would probably have given up vaping.

4. To those that want to start, but don’t know where to- or how to- what advice can you offer.

*It’s easy. Find a recipe that sounds like something you’d enjoy and jump
in. You will be making good eliquid before you know it. Don’t be
intimidated. It’s actually simple and not dangerous.

5. What would be the more important part of DIY to not learn the hard way?

*Start with small batches and don’t add nic until you know you like the mix.
Nic is expensive.

6. How much experimenting did you have to do to make something you liked?

*It usually takes 6-8 mixes of something to get it where I want it.

7.  I found that your pastry and dessert vapes are insane good. I don’t even like key lime pie- but your “gaitor bait” was a fresh lime with graham cracker and it tastes really good. Did it take a while to get lucky with your recipes, or did you figure it out quickly?

*It is pretty much common sense. If it’s not something you would mix in a
food or beverage, it probably won’t work in a vape.

8. Let’s discuss the cost aspect of DIY. Do you actually save money
considering all of the flavors and equipment you have to buy?

*I don’t know if I save much money. I buy lots of stuff just to try for my
viewers, so they don’t have to. I will say that the juice I mix is costing
about $4 – $4.50 for 30 mls. But I have spent a ton of money trying
different things.

9. You don’t sell any of your juices to the public, yet so many that I’ve tried are top-notch. On top of this, you have published recipes for vapers to use. Have you ever considered opening up shop?

*I’ve had offers to sell my stuff. I have thought about it. I have a good job and don’t need to make money doing this. If I had to do it, it would cease being fun for me. So no, I won’t sell it.

10. Will you share one of your recipes with our readers?
[stextbox id=”info”]

*Very simple recipe for peach lemonade:

Recipe for 30 ml.

20 ml. of PG/VG/Nic liquid base (your choice)

5 ml. Perfumer’s Apprentice Lemon (water soluble)
4 ml. Flavourart White Peach
1 ml. LoRann’s Tart & Sour
1/16th tsp. ethyl maltol


This is a peach lemonade. Enjoy! (Download a free ejuice calculator here)

11. Bonus question. How do you get all the women?



There you go. Even a bonus question for our viewers- because ours goes up to 11. That’s one higher than 10! Tune in to Front Porch Vaping with JD and OLE on ElixerTV on Thursdays at 10pm Eastern.

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  1. Awesome interview Troop and thanks for participating JD!

  2. fantastic Q&A! Troop, I hope Ole is next on the interview list…… He is hotter (just sayin’)

  3. Ole wasn’t awake when I did the interview- otherwise I would’ve had a few questions for him too. …You’ll have to get your Ole fix on the show I guess Jeannie.

  4. Awesome interview Trip!

  5. Great interview! JD certainly helped me with finding my first all-day vape: Regal Beagle.

    I have not been as successful with diy, in terms of coming up with my own recipes, but have found that I can diy recipes that others have perfected, and am very grateful to JD and others who have shared their recipes with the vaping community.

    JD’s show is entertaining, but most importantly, he has a way of de-mystifying the process of diy, and motivating folks to try it for themselves.

  6. Excellent interview.

    JD is an excellent motivator for anyone curious about DIY.

  7. Great interview…defiantly going to give it a go myself and try that recipe for peach lemonade. Thanks for posting.

  8. I falied at DIY when I firsr tried it about a year ago, but have succeeded my second time around with the help of JD! I love his show and try not to miss an episode! Nice interview Troop!

  9. Got a broken box on this page.

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