Ecig meets or better known to many as a vapers meet – is probably one of the best ways to meet other vapers, but that isn’t the only benefit to these large gatherings.¬†An Ecig meet is a specific date, time and place where electronic cigarette users band together, enjoy times of fun and laughter, as well as being informative. Here’s 5 reasons why ecig meets are beneficial.

1. Meet

You may have met some vapers (ecig users) online, but there’s something about meeting in person that moves you. There’s a sense of comradery and fulfilment. It’s a reassurance that its real and you’re not the only one. You get to meet people you’ve never seen before, but there isn’t that awkwardness where you don’t know what to say when you approach them – there’s always something to talk about when you all share the same interest. Many vendors are set up so that you can see first hand that new e-cig or accessory and just that alone will have you becoming a motor mouth.

2. Vacation

If someone asked me to describe a national meet in one word, I wouldn’t be able to do it. There are so many things that you can do not only at the meet, but at the location. Each time I take the long ride to a meet, it feels like a vacation, and when you finally get there, it is. Meets aren’t only about getting to meet new vapers, seeing new products or sampling hundreds of flavors, it’s also about enjoying the experience and taking a break to enjoy something you’re passionate about. And just like with any other vacation, you don’t go alone – bring a friend or family member!

3. Experience

At a meet you’ll get more experience than ever. You can learn from others about electronic cigarettes or share your own methods of filling a cartomizer or rebuilding an atomizer. There’s always something to learn and always someone to help. Experience the fun, laughter, and gain memories.

4. Giveaways & Samples

One of the best perks about going to a meet is of course, the giveaways and e-liquid samples. Just talking with you straight up… my Wife and I leave a meet with tons of e-liquid every time. Vendors love to promote and encourage meets, as well as wanting you to sample their flavors – so they donate a lot of various flavors for you to try. Now if you want to win the big stuff, like devices and hardware, all you have to do is show up. Most meets you’ll be given a ticket or number. Later into the meet the hosts will start calling out numbers for you to win awesome prizes!

5. Support

There was never a local or national smoking meet, but this is where e-cigs differ. There are many people just like you that have made the commitment and switched to ecigs – and just like myself, we want to support one another and help new ecig users make an easy and comfortable transition. And even after you’ve finally made the switch, your journey of support hasn’t ended – You can share and discuss different ways with others to help continue.