Feeling tight on the budget or are you one of those ‘green’ people?  Whichever it is, today I have 5 simple vape hacks that’s sure to make you start thinking outside of the box.  With old vapowire boxes being turned into 18650 holders and lego blocks being turned into aromizer holders, you’ll definitely start looking around the house to see what else you can hack for your vape.

1. VapoWire Box Turned 18650 Holder

VapoWire is a distributor of wire that is used with rebuildable atomizers.  What many people didn’t know is that the box a VapoWire Spool comes packaged in can actually be reused for a great purpose.  If you’ll remove the wire spool in the VapoWire box, you can insert 4 18650 batteries that will fit perfectly.  Though battery boxes are pretty cheap, this is a quick and nifty way to save a few dollars, plus it’ll raise your vape hack level when you share it with your friends.

vapowire 18650 box hack

Credit: Thanks to Texas Select Vapor for the share!

2. Dime Coin Roll Turned 18650 Holder

If you don’t feel like ordering and waiting for a single 18650 holder, you can run right down the road to your nearest Walmart and pick yourself up a dime coin roll.  These coin rolls are plastic and will hold an 18650 perfectly.

18650 dime roll

3. Lego Blocks Turned Atomizer Holder

If you’re a parent of a small child, this vape hack may come very easy.  We’re sure you’re tired of stepping on the lego blocks laying on the floor.  Trust me, there’s nothing like the pain from stepping on a lego block!  So, do yourself a favor and pick them up and start using them as an atomizer holder.  Those female holes are just the size of a 510 connector, so it’ll easily hold any of your 510 atomizers or clearomizers.

lego block atty holder

Credit: Thanks to Strix Elixirs for the share!

4. Bike Handle Grips Turned Vape Band

Here’s one of the coolest vape hacks I’ve seen.  If you can’t find any vape bands locally and don’t order online, a quick way to make your own version of the vape band is to go pick up a bike handle grip, cut it up and slide the vape band over your tank.  Since these grips are so big, you’ll have plenty of left overs to share with your friends or use on your other tanks.  For those of you that don’t know, vape bands are used to slide over your tank to protect it from accidental drops.

bike handle grip vape band

5. Ketchup Used As Copper Mod Cleaner

For those of you who use copper mods, it’s been known for the longest that ketchup can be used as a great cleaning product on copper.  Though there are many products available to clean copper, there’s nothing that beats having something that is already laying around the house and available.  This hack will save you a little money and increase your vape hack points when shared with your friends.