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An Interview With The Founder of Janty

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The Janty MiD was recently announced and immediately created a stir in the crowd of vapers. If you haven’t seen our Janty MiD post in the Advanced section of Guide To Vaping, then you’re missing out on one of the hottest and soon to be talked about devices of 2012-2013. This type of device has set leaps and bounds for the world of vaping and we’re here to cover it all.

Just when you thought you knew it all… then came the MiD.

Today we’re speaking with Ludo – Creator of the MiD and Founder of, about the newly announced “Janty MiD”.

Blake | GuideToVaping: Hello Ludo, I would first like to welcome you to and more importantly thank you for taking the time for a few questions.

Blake | GuideToVaping: The MiD hasn’t even been released yet and has already created quite a bit of hype. For those that haven’t heard of the MiD, can you tell them about it in a brief description? – What is the goal for this device and how it compares to other APV’s in the market?

Ludo | Janty: You can find the history of the MiD on: and on . With regards of how it is different, you can find the details in the product descriptions as well. In general, it works with the concept of REAL TIME variable voltage, it works with the concept of a timeline (a puff) on which you create vaping profiles and for which you have full control, every 1/10th of a second during your puff. Everything about your puff is customizable and this IN REAL TIME, even the reaction time of the joystick is customizable.

Blake | GuideToVaping: In real-time, you’re saying while a user vapes, they can control the vape as they are literally using the device?

Ludo | Janty: Exactly!

Blake | GuideToVaping: Okay, I misunderstood the ‘real time’ part at first then. I was thinking just being able to adjust on the device itself. Very cool idea.

Ludo | Janty: It will take some time for people to grasp. It’s a new concept.

Blake | GuideToVaping: I guess it could cut down on some stop and go actions of finding your perfect vape. Just control as you use it, find the sweet spot and good to go. And if you could record the stats or watch them on the PC as you’re doing the controlling, that would be awesome.

Ludo | Janty: Yes, you can cut down, stop and go, any real-time action. Find sweet spots, override sweet spots in real-time. Record stats indeed and compare to other users stats. Who is the heaviest vapor, who is the most moderate vaper.

Blake | GuideToVaping: That’s just crazy… a revolution of vaping I would say.

Ludo | Janty: The coolest thing for me, having been in forums since 2006, is that all MiD users can now upload their profile on the community page, which will create a huge database of profiles that people can share. Imagine, you can find 50 best vaping profiles for a specific atomizer, with a specific resistance and a specific liquid taste, with a specific nicotine content.

Blake | GuideToVaping: You guys are getting deep…

Ludo | Janty: The thing is, once you have created your perfect favorite profiles, you store them in the device and never have to look back, just execute or you vape on the go. Manual free style… and if you do a review of an atomizer or liquid, why not create the perfect vaping profile for it and share it with other users who vape your profile on that atomizer, with that liquid, while they watch you explain on YouTube how you made that profile. …or connect to a group of vapers from your country or city who, like you, are Mint lovers and exchange vaping profiles.

Blake | GuideToVaping: I was speaking with you in replies on the MiD YouTube video. I didn’t mean to come off as being offensive, but one thing that really erks me with this device is the use of stacking batteries. After the scare from the last man who blew his face off with, what was said a mod with stacked batteries, the media got a hold of it and after that, stacking batteries was a no-no. It kind of scared vapers.

I understand that the scare of stacking batteries may not be what people think and mainly due to lack in knowledge about stacking. Can you tell me if stacking batteries in a PV is more prone to failure than not stacking? – Also, what is the real ‘need’ in stacking versus not? – Is this the ‘only’ way to achieve your goal of 8v or 25w vaping?

Ludo | Janty: If you stack or not stack batteries is not relevant in terms of safety. What is relevant in terms of safety is that using one or 2 or 100 batteries, you have to use these batteries within the specs of the manufacturer of the battery.

You can achieve 8V or 25 W in many configurations, be it one battery or 2 stacked or more. However 2 batteries stacked is one of the ways to achieve that with less energy looses as well as the simplest hardware architecture that give you the advantage of doing small hardware designs, very compact. Using a single battery could be dangerous. Imagine you use an unprotected battery that can handle up 1.1 Amps and in conjunction with a very low resistance atomizer that forces the battery to be drained with a current higher than 1.1 amps, in that case you risk damage, even explosion.

So they key point is not how many batteries, but a matter of using the batteries inside the specifications of the battery manufacturer.

Blake | GuideToVaping: So, you don’t actually think users will ever go to the 8v or 25w you provide with the MiD, right?

Ludo | Janty: I think users will go up to 8 Volts and 25 watts, why not? it is totally safe with our batteries or the AW’s. It is totally safe and within the safety margins. And actually you could go up to 10 Volts, but 8 is enough… wouldn’t you say?

Blake | GuideToVaping: I would say so, but I prefer to not fry my cartomizers… or juice.

Ludo | Janty: Ha!

Ludo | Janty: That’s why the resistance of your cartomizer is important. However, we do have USER DEFINED THRESH HOLDS for those who want to put an extra safety belt on. You define that your device operates within let’s say 2.3 Volts and 5.4 Volts… that’s all up to you. Even better, you define for EACH profile in which boundaries it will operate.

Blake | GuideToVaping: Let me step back for a moment… is variable wattage in real-time available also?

Ludo | Janty: Yes, RTVW or RTVV is all in real-time.

Blake | GuideToVaping: I’m honestly being blown away. It’s sounding like the MiD can do it all.

Blake | GuideToVaping: The Joystick… What gave you the idea of using a joystick and is it pocket friendly? – Can you disable it?

Ludo | Janty: The joystick is not just a joystick, it is button and joystick combined. You need the joystick to boost up or down the power or voltage during your vape …IN REAL TIME. It is guaranteed 1 million operations. Pretty sturdy 😉

The reaction time of it, YOU define and that’s why we say: YOU’RE IN CONTROL – that’s not a cheap tagline. To power the device off, users will be bale to teach MiD how to react to clicks, so you can do any setting as you wish, which will be a feature added in February.  And also, you have user defined auto sleep function. So lets say you put the device down on the table and your autosleep is set to 2 minutes. Well after 2 minutes you will see the LED GLOW UP and then slowly GLOW fade out to sleep.

Blake | GuideToVaping: Why use just LED’s and not an on-board screen?

Ludo | Janty: Why the need for on-board screen? let me explain:
1. MiD is tablet ready for Windows8, and Android will be coming. with the use of a Tablet or PC, this gives you the biggest screen possible!

2. Once you have created a profile for a specific atomizer, you already know that you’re using THAT atomizer for THAT profile, so why the need to check if your atomizer has this or that resistance?

3. What do you need to know on the go? – Battery life? – ok, GREEN means full and RED means empty.

Blake | GuideToVaping: lmao, awesome!

Blake | GuideToVaping: PC Application… So you just mentioned the MiD will be Android ready soon… these are leaps and bounds for the vaping world, but what gave you the idea to actually incorporate this? – Why not a year ago?

Ludo | Janty: This took almost 2 years to make… it’s quite difficult to make. Our PCB is not just a PCB, its like… like a processor. Quite advanced stuff manufactured by Janty in Cebu.

Blake | GuideToVaping: Did you just happen to announce the MiD at the same time as the eVic… or?

Ludo | Janty: We where planning to launch MiD 2 weeks later actually, but we where ready you see, and we needed some time for the market to grasp the idea so I gave the green light.

Blake | GuideToVaping: The last time I’ve heard the name “Janty” was when I first started vaping. The name was big then. I haven’t heard it until now… what’s happened? I’m not aware of any products Janty has released. Is the MiD the product that puts Janty back on the map?

Ludo | Janty: We where never in this for the money, we grew out of the vaping community in 2006 and the only thing that drives us is passion. We design and invent stuff, the eGo for example.

Blake | GuideToVaping: 2006… that’s when electronic cigarettes were invented, right? 2006-2007?

Ludo | Janty: No way, before. In 2003 Hon Lik commercialized the Ruyan. Our RY4 for example is named after him. I made RY4 in the lab of Dekang on a Sunday afternoon with the chemist and called it Ruyan nr4, then I changed it to RY4. …Then it was copied, just like our eGo.

Blake | GuideToVaping: I’m shocked! I had no clue you were the first to make ‘RY4’… nor did I know where RY4 the name came from.

Ludo | Janty: Ah, well now you know. Ha!

Ruyan nr 4 because it took us 5 samples to get to the fourth one, which was the one that was the exact right formula. I knew people would love that taste. I was a heavy smoker myself you know, 2 packs a day. No more since 2006…

Blake | GuideToVaping: One last thing… You said you first created the eGo?

Ludo | Janty: Yes, and my partner Alan, at Joyetech (previously Forever Sourcing, a laminate floor trader) assembled it for me.

Blake | GuideToVaping: Is the MiD only being sold on the Janty site or are you distributing to vendors?

Ludo | Janty: I’m not sure just yet. We’ll see in the next few weeks.

I want to again thank Ludo for taking the time to answer all of my questions and sharing his information and history. If you’re interested in the Janty MiD, go to

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. This what is so crazy – Janty dvelops the Dura, commissions JoyeTech to manufacture it for them and JoyeTech steals the design and calls it a 510. Same thing with the eGo. Same thing with the Elips (except Ovale had JoyeTech make it for them). JoyeTech never invented anything, yet people call them the “real” ones. Insiders tell me that both Janty and Ovale are very unhappy with the quality control at JoyeTech now and are looking to manufacture things themselves, where they can better control the quality. Ovale and Janty have a very close relationship and are partners on several projects.

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