Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2017 Results are in and we hope you enjoyed this years online polling event. Wheather who you voted for or not won this year, I’m glad all of us vapers could come together as one community and show recognition to those that go above and beyond to better this industry. Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” event is used as the ultimate guide to helping vapers find the best products, the best stores to buy from, the best people to stay up to date with, and the best groups to follow. As with each year since 2011, we all thank you for doing your part and participating in this years online polling event.


This is Vapor Authority’s second year sponsoring Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” event. They’re quite aware of the benefit that comes from this annual event and only looks to support it to ensure we’re able to continue helping others. It’s quite apparent why they’ve won “Best Customer Service” in Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2015. If you have the time, show them some love and check out their website at Guide To Vaping thanks you for your sponsorship and participation, Vapor Authority!

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The Best of 2017

  • Vapor Authority – 2,047 Votes
  • VapeWild – 1,690 Votes
  • Vaping Underground – 185 Votes
  • Total Votes: 7,785
  • Total Skips: 2,090

Best Vape Brand

  • SMOK – 2,173 Votes
  • VapeWild – 1,382 Votes
  • Vandy Vape – 366 Votes
  • Total Votes: 7,832
  • Total Skips: 1,978

Best E-Liquid Brand

  • Naked 100 – 1,907 Votes
  • VapeWild – 1,658 Votes
  • Prohibition Juice Co. – 256 Votes
  • Total Votes: 7,648
  • Total Skips: 2,136

Best Customer Service

  • Vapor Authority – 3,468 Votes
  • VapeWild – 1,808 Votes
  • Brad’s Vapor – 245 Votes
  • Total Votes: 8,732
  • Total Skips: 963

Best Vape Prices (USA)

  • Vapor Authority – 3,434 Votes
  • VapeWild – 1,705 Votes
  • Brad’s Vapor – 189 Votes
  • Total Votes: 8,474
  • Total Skips: 1,281

Best Vape Prices (China)

  • 3FVape – 1,573 Votes
  • FastTech – 1,346 Votes
  • HeavenGifts – 189 Votes
  • Total Votes: 4,385
  • Total Skips: 4,849

Best Vape Mod

  • SMOK Mag – 1,475 Votes
  • SMOK Alien – 347 Votes
  • Mad Modder DNA Box Mods – 345 Votes
  • Total Votes: 6,474
  • Total Skips: 3,155

Best Tank

Best Rebuildable Atomizer

Best YouTube Vape Channel

  • Pbusardo – 1,489 Votes
  • VapeWild – 437 Votes
  • GrimmGreen – 415 Votes
  • Total Votes: 6,119
  • Total Skips: 3,631

Best Vape Blog

  • GrimmGreen – 1,437 Votes
  • DJLsb Vapes – 306 Votes
  • VaporJoes – 191 Votes
  • Total Votes: 3,857
  • Total Skips: 4,922

Best Vape Forum

  • Vaping Underground – 1,923 Votes
  • E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) – 353 Votes
  • Reddit ECR – 216 Votes
  • Total Votes: 4,237
  • Total Skips: 4,365

Best Vape Network

  • The Vape Team – 636 Votes
  • The Vaping Legion – 624 Votes
  • Vaping Underground Live – 200 Votes
  • Total Votes: 2,910
  • Total Skips: 5,150

Best Vape Convention

  • ECC – 1,190 Votes
  • Vapers Carnivale Expo – 445 Votes
  • Vape Showcase – 343 Votes
  • Total Votes: 3,513
  • Total Skips: 5,912

Best Advocacy Group


  1. Under the RDA category Dead Rabbit is listed twice as Dead Rabbit and Hellvape Dead Rabbit. If you add those two together it is #1 by far. (Unless there are others that have multiple listings as well.). I hope a human will review the responses and correct the final results. Thanks!

  2. I would like to give a shout out to squid industries. Eric and his crew offer an amazing product with a charitable direction for veterans, not to mention the customer service and appreciation towards there consumers. The “Double barrel v2.1 is the best mod I’ve ever put in my hand.

    • I’m removing them all. I only removed ones that said “FB” or “Facebook group” or ones that I know are Facebook groups. I can’t just remove any name, I have to take time and research them all to see if they are forums or not. Yours was one I knew was a Facebook group since we had a discussion about it. I don’t play favorites… trust me, if it were up to me these polls would look entirely different.

      • Sorry I just have to say once again that a vape facebook group is a vape forum, and I hope next year you either create a separate category for it…or include them in Forums…Thanks…you have a tough job…lol

        • It is a group, and I agree with what you say once again. However, I didn’t intend the Best Vape Forum category to be used for Facebook groups. Perhaps I should have been more descriptive. I had to deal with the same thing last year. Next year we will for sure have a separate category for it. And yes, I know.

    • Easily. Vapor Authority is sponsoring the event, meaning they’re paying for the actual awards that I send to the top 3 winners in the top category, which is the “Best of 2017”. Because of their sponsorship, I provide information about them and display any giveaways that they can offer due to the event. They’ve done this in 2015 and only took 2nd place in Best Customer Service — I don’t think they won in anything else. Just because their name is displayed doesn’t mean they’re prone to get more votes. People will vote on who they think is the best. I mean, did you vote on them just because you have seen their name?

        • I can see where it may seem that way. However, I can assure you they aren’t gaining votes due to it. Vapor Authority is gaining votes because they’re blasting it on social media and newsletters. They sponsored in 2015 and barely got votes except for best customer service category. Since then they started ranking higher on search engines and have gained quite the following — in return they’re now benefiting from it on these polls. The same goes for VapeWild… they have a huge following, they blast it and they get votes. If Giant Vapes would have done the same, I can assume they would be leading the polls right now due to their following. None of this should be taken super serious, although I do know it helps stores and people enjoy receiving recognition for their work. As I’ve told many other stores, brands etc… the way to receive votes is by participating more.

  3. From reading below I noticed that you will be updating the list at periodic intervals . Just wanted to add to your ever increasing list : The North Carolina Vapers Carnivale and Vapers Carnivale Expo are the same thing 😉 I know you’ll fix it , just making you aware. Also NVE and Foxwoods are the same thing and Vape Showcase and The Vape Showcase … <3

  4. When I submitted my vote I was told that my G-mail address had already voted, problem is that I’m positive I had not voted don’t know if it’s a glitch or if you have had any other complaints about this but I thought I would bring it to your attention Thank You ([email protected]) Douglas Watkins

  5. Ever since I have found Vape Wild I have never looked back. I love that you can customize your juice that it is made fresh and they also now offer DIY materials and some other brands now for those that are die hards of other brands. Plus 3 free 10ml bottles in every order (2 for you and 1 to give away) and free 2 day shipping with the lowest prices on products I have found anywhere. I used to spend upwards of 500 a month on smokes and now I am down to 30-60 a month on juice, coils, etc. Plus my doctor even said that my COPD symptoms are almost no existent now and have been taken off meds for it. Total win for me. Customer service is amazing by phone or chat. Been recommending them to everyone I know.

  6. Dear Blake,
    there are many names which connect to the same thing, such as Smoant Charon, Smoant Charon TC, Smoant charon218 or Vape Wild and Vape wild, also Recoil Rebel and Recoil Rebel RDA. Results will not be fair cause voters are confused.

  7. Vapor Authority is my personal best discovery of 2017. I found them earlier this year and have not used another vape site since. The customer service is truly amazing and everyone Ive spoken to has been incredibly helpful and responsive to any issues. Glad to see them getting some well deserved props here!

  8. Vapewild? Really? And we wonder why this industry isn’t going to survive. We reward people who produce garbage and who’ve sent out product with bugs in it and lied to their customers because it’s cheap. Now as a result of this poll, more people are going to be turned on to terrible quality juice. Hopefully they don’t think all juice tastes like, or is made in conditions like that.