Welcome to Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2017 online polling event! Each year the vaping community comes together to participate in an online annual event that allows vapers to vote on who and what they thought were the best in the year 2017. If you’re asking yourself why you should participate, we have several reasons to share. This event brings the community together, it gives vapers something they can collectively take part in, it acts as a guide for vapers helping them find the best products, vendors and groups, and shows recognition to those who go above and beyond in the vaping industry. To those who take part in Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” each year, we thank you!

About The Best of 2017 Sponsor: Vapor Authority

For over five years now, Vapor Authority has remained at the zenith of the vaping industry and held strong as one of Guide To Vaping’s preferred vendors. Carrying only 100% authentic brand names at the lowest prices, Vapor Authority is committed to offering their customers quality, value, and selection. More importantly, Vapor Authority is firmly dedicated to providing the very best customer service and support possible. It is due to this devotion that has allowed Vapor Authority to maintain such a large and loyal following, with word-of-mouth recommendations as the number one source of new customers. You can visit Vapor Authority at: VaporAuthority.com.


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How To Participate / Vote
  • 1. There are 5 categories to vote on. You are given 3 choices. Choose the proper choice, and go to the next category.
    • Option 1: Choose from a list of entries previously submitted by other voters.
    • Option 2: Manually write in your own entry IF it doesn’t already exist in the list in option 1.
    • Option 3: Skip the category entirely.
  • 2. Once you’ve completed one of the three options in each category, click the Submit button.
  • 3. You will then be asked to Login or submit your email. Doing this finalizes and records your entries and votes.
  • 4. Next, you are given the option to share your participation.
  • 5. You will then be redirected to the results page.
Rules & Guidelines
  • Voting Starts on December 1, 2017 and Ends on December 31, 2017 (Mid-Day).
  • Votes are recorded by browser cookie and IP address – One vote per user/ip.
  • If you are caught giving away free product in exchange for votes, your company/brand/products will be removed from polls.

Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2017

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  1. Call me crazy, but I feel like there should be some expansion on a few categories. Best written blog vs best vlog. Best written publication. Best group (so then you could do Facebook groups or some other “private” group). Just some thoughts for next year!

      • I’m new to vaping and already have some favs, but… These catagores seem to overlap and don’t seem straight forward. Is the first catagory just someone’s favorite “thing”. I’m comfused… I’d like to vote, but don’t want to mess up either. I’m viewing from a phone, is there a better discription of each catagory somewhere else?

        • There are small descriptions for each category. When I describe the first category “Best of 2017” by telling everyone to choose the best of the year, I would assume they would vote for the best brand, like SMOK, Vandy Vape, Innokin, etc. Instead, they’re voting for forums, people etc. The thing about the voting here is that I’m not a deciding factor on what goes really. As long as it fits into the category, it’s somewhat out of my hands. I try my best not to interfere with the voting process and instead let the vaping community determine who and what was the best for each category. For the best of 2017 category, I explained it as more of a general category, so I guess anything goes on who or what can win. Maybe next year I should make a drop down explaining in better detail what each category was designed for.

  2. Blake, I am unable to press the submit button. I entered with my Facebook account and it wouldn’t give me a button there either. I went back and it said I voted too many times for DJLsb. I’m the only one that will vote from this ISP so I have no clue. Must I do the poll again? I’m sorry to have to bother you with this.

    • Robin, I apologize for the issues you are having. However, everything with the plugin I have had developed is automated. If someone has submitted once already, it tracks the IP and drops a cookie to prevent them from voting a second time. By any means it shouldn’t ever list an entry, saying “you voted too many times for DJLsb”.

  3. I’m pretty sure my vote went through but it was very laggy. I hit submit more then once and got the “you already voted” message. It then timed out and didn’t re-direct me to the results page. Is there a way we can go to the results so we can see them?

  4. I noticed that Vape Wild and VapeWild have not yet been combined and it would be nice to get that done for us newbies. I also had a question to how VapeWild is not a network? I would think they were being world wide and doing all that they do for this comunity. I will also say that it is good to see Vape Wild being #1 because they hands down the best!

  5. Okay, normally I don’t look at the typed in names and when I do, the obvious troll entries don’t really bother me but this year, it’s really grinding my gears to see names like “ni**er nipples” and “ni**ers cum on white girls” and “ching chong”. It’s totally disgusting. Please remove these erroneous and childish entries. They are taking up space.

    Also, I keep seeing complaints about VapeWild not being a vape network, so what constitutes a vape network, according to this organization? Because they definitely do a lot of networking and connecting people through social media channels. I’ve been following them for a while now, and a few others. And their company name has no spaces so I see their entries more than once in the same category.

    Hopefully some of these issues are addressed and cleaned up before you do this next year. This whole process just seems a bit all over the place and not accurately conducted or counted.

    • There isn’t anything wrong with the way this event is conducted. I give participants the opportunity to write in their own entries, instead of myself being the decider of who makes it on these polls and who doesn’t. Giving that opportunity we will, of course, have duplicates, trolls and so on. The only thing I can do to correct this is by updating the polls and fixing them throughout the 1-month event. Please have patience.

  6. Whenever I see someone vaping, I tell them about vapewild.com. They have the best of everything. Customer service is always helpful, polite and seem to be happy. Their products and prices are great. I’m so glad my friend told me about Vape Wild. I’m happy to share their website with other vapers and even the people who work in the local vape store.

    • Aren’t they just the best? I really love their personable approach and they always take care of me. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other vendors who have won my trust, but they have truly won my heart just by being awesome. You should join their FB group, it’s awesome! Their admins are the coolest people I have encountered online.

    • To each his own. However, I would like to throw out some facts: In 2014 Vapor Authority sponsored the event and didn’t win anything. In 2015 Coil Master sponsored the event and didn’t win anything – this same year Vapor Authority took 2nd place in Best Customer Service. In 2016 VaporFi sponsored the event and didn’t win anything. This year Vapor Authority sponsored the event and participated more than any year prior — I received their newsletters that were sent out to customers/fans, encouraging them to vote, not specifically for them, but to participate. Sponsoring the event doesn’t change the minds of thousands of voters. Participating more than others, growing a loyal following and benefiting from it, that does.