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Calling out: Twyggaerynn

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TwiggaerynnName/Screen Name: Twyggaerynn

About Twyggaerynn:
I’m just a down home southern boy who enjoys spending time with friends and helping as many people as I can. I grew up with a keen interest in computers and gaming, and have taken that passion with me throughout my life. As a self appointed geek, I often take great joy in learning as many useless facts as I can, and often find myself in debates about some of the strangest things anyone could imagine. Perhaps my favorite running gag amongst my friends is that I need to have a translator with me where ever I go, due to supposedly having an extremely thick southern accent. I personally think everyone else talks funny. =P

How long have you been vaping?:
I first started vaping in December 2009 and have continued to do so. I also have developed a passion for crafting and creating my own DIY juice flavors after watching how easy it can be.

What is your favorite device/voltage/setup?:
Perhaps my favorite device to use is the Darwin, although I tend to rotate mods depending on my mood. I also carry a Tekkmod v2 with me because I enjoy 5 volt vaping, and being able to charge my phone or Darwin on my device is extremely handy when I am out in the field covering events as a newspaper reporter.

Tell us your “vape story”: 
I was unfortunate enough to start smoking at a fairly young age, and continued to smoke for 20 years. I was up to three packs a day when I started having serious health complications. Finding that I had a severely reduced lung function, and was already battling other serious health issues, I began to avidly pursue ways to help me quit. I went through enough patches to laminate a kitchen floor with no success, and enough gum to choke a horse. Nothing I tried seemed to make a dent in my smoking habit.

Reaching the point of desperation, I began to put my computer nerd skills to the test just to see if I might be able to find something that the “medical professionals” were missing. That was when I came across a video review of the Blu Cig. Ya, I know. I know. But the point is that I didn’t know then, so I ordered one in hopes that maybe one of these strange electronic devices just might be able to help where patches, gums, and medications failed. I got the kit and began my journey as a first time vaper, with no real clue as to what I was supposed to do or how to do it.

At first, everything was going decent. However, coming off of a three pack a day habit, the Blu just wasn’t helping as much as I had hoped it would. I began to hunt through the tangled webs of the internet once again to see if I could find something better. What I found was a forum with an interactive web chat option where I met some people who began to teach me about what vaping was. People such as JDVorr, ShanB, and several others. This is also where I first heard about a group of people who were doing live shows on stream where they talked all about vaping.

Of course, as a complete beginner, I was fascinated that people were actually doing shows to teach exactly what I needed to learn. I made my way over to a channel called ElixirTV and rapidly began to soak up as much knowledge as I could. Little did I know that these people would become some of the closest friends I have ever had in my life. I watched shows about modding, shows about how simple it was to make your own juice, and shows about what devices were out there and how they compared to what I already had.

As I gained more and more knowledge, and began to do research on my own, I began to see vaping in a new light. It was not only something that had helped me get off of cigarettes, it was something that was helping me to save my own life. I wanted to share this with as many people as I could. I soon began a quest to help as many people as possible learn about vaping, and help to disavow as many misconceptions about it as I could. That was when I was given the biggest honor I could imagine: I was asked to join the team as a host. Now I had a way to share my experiences, and help to spread the word to others in my own way.

I have continued to be passionate about vaping, and about helping others as I was helped. I realized that we are all fighting the same fight, and only through coming together to help each other can we get the word out to as many as possible just what vaping is.

What are your top tips for new vapers?:
Perhaps the best advice I can ever give to someone who is just starting the transition to vaping is don’t be discouraged. No one should ever expect you to quit smoking overnight. There are going to be rough spots, just like any other method. You have to keep in mind that your body isn’t just addicted to nicotine. Cigarettes have other chemicals that help to keep you on them, so you will have to wean yourself off of them too. Look at it this way: If vaping helps you reduce your smoking habit by even one cigarette, you are making progress. Keep at it, find a place you are comfortable with and go from there. Also, see if you can find a forum, or broadcasting network that you like. It is a great way to make some amazing friends and learn so much more than you ever thought possible.

Where can we find you online?:
I can often be found on ElixirTV, as well as Google+ and Facebook.

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  1. Great story Twygg! One of my best vaping experiences was when I got to meet you. Only the best wishes for you! Keep up the good fight.

  2. Peace, love, vape XOXO I am proud to call you friend.

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