Cartomizer Tank Master List

This is a master list for Tanks that use 510 Cartomizers

Dual Coil MAP Tank

Delrin – $25.00
Stainless Steel – $55.00

MAP TANKS | Most Angry Industries

Delrin DCT MAP Tanks are also available from Clouds of Vapor – DCT MAP Tank


Delrin 3ML – $25.00
Aluminum 3ML – $35.00
Stainless Steel 3ML – $45.00

Delrin 5ML – $27.00
Aluminum 5ML – $35.00
Stainless Steel 5ML – $45.00

Delrin 5.5ML Phat – $27.00

Delrin 8.5ML BFT – $30.00

Note: 3ML and 5.5ML Phat are for Boge Cartos and 5ML and 8.5ML BFT are for Dual Coils. The 5.5ML Phat and 8.5ML BFT are about the same diameter of a Silver Bullet

Vape-O-Matic Liquinator

JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tank

For use with Boge cartos

Price is $45.00 to your door

Note: These tanks come in TONS of different colors and he has a new color released just about every batch

JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks

Depth Charge Tank

These tanks are Stainless Steel and are available in 2ML for Boges and 4ML for Dual Coils

Price is $50.00

He also sells Pyrex and Stainless Steel tubes for these as well for an extra charge

Vapor-Age Depth Charge


Black or White Delrin 3ML – $20.00
Blue or Green Delrin 3ML – $22.00

Black Delrin 5ML – $19.00

Black, White or Grey 5.5ML – $24.00
Blue, Red or Green 5.5ML – $26.00

Note: The 3ML and 5.5ML are for use with Boge cartomizers and the 5ML is for use with Dual Coils. The 5.5ML is about the same diameter of a Silver Bullet.

Electronicstix J-TANKS

VPX Cartomator

Delrin 2.5ML and 5ML – $27.00
Stainless Steel – $55.00

Delrin tanks are tinted and come in the following colors: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Smoked and Purple

Stainless Steel Tanks are tinted and come in the following colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Grey, Purple and Red

Delrin: NHaler – VPX CARTOMATOR Tank
Stainless Steel: NHaler – VPX Cartomator Stainless Steel Tanks

Lil Mama and Big Daddy Tanks

Delrin “Lil Mama” 3ML – $19.00
Aluminum “Lil Mama” 3ML – $26.00
Stainless Steel “Lil Mama” 3ML – $31.00

Delrin “Big Daddy” 5ML – $20.00
Aluminum “Big Daddy” 5ML – $27.00
Stainless Steel “Big Daddy” 5ML – $32.00

Note: All prices listed on Lil Mama and Big Daddy tanks are for bare tanks with No carto included. The 3ML are for use with Boge and 5ML are for use with Dual Coils.

Big Daddy Vapor

M1A1 Buzz Tank

The M1A1 Buzz tank comes in Silver or Black anodized aluminum and approximately 3ML and 5ML for $30.00

The 3ML is for use with Boge cartos and the 5ML is for use with Dual Coils. The screw on the side is a lock to hold the tank in place that doubles as a fill port for filling the tank using a syringe without having to take the carto out

M1A1 Buzz Tank –

EZ Tank

Delrin Round 3ML – $20.00
Delrin Square 3ML – $23.00
Delrin Hex 3ML – $23.00

These tanks are for use with a Boge cartomizer

Tanks – Cigtechs

[stextbox id=”warning”]DISCLAIMER: Tanks are listed in no particular order. Prices on this list are subject to change without notice which is why there are links provided to where you can purchase them. I am not including cheaper types of tanks on this list (i.e. Syringe mod tanks) because if I included those types of tanks i wouldnt be able to keep up. This is a list of the higher end Delrin/Aluminum/Stainless tanks. I have not personally tried every tank on this list, and probably never will. This info is strictly for you to look at the tanks and make the decision on which one you think is best for you. I am not responsible if you buy a tank and you do not like it. Buy at your own risk![/stextbox]



  1. Your missing Acorn tanks and Chibi tanks. Hand made by the Parkes Vaping owner. Shes a VERY kind woman and she strives to keep prices at a level that people whom are not fortunate enough to hold wealth can afford, out of the kindness of her heart. She also makes home-made juice and sells it at great prices as well. Thank god for! 🙂