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Science and Studies

In this category, you will find the latest releases of articles pertaining to vaping science and studies around the world involving electronic cigarettes. This is a thorough resource of vape studies for our viewers to reference.

Tobacco Talk Survey Says: E-Cigarettes A Promising Opportunity

We recently conducted a survey of tobacco retailers and wholesalers, representing around 30,000 retail locations, to learn more about e-cigarettes and take the pulse of how the trade views this...

New Study Shows Switching To Vaping May Lead To Decrease In Respiratory Infections

  The idea that smoking less will reduce smoking related respiratory infections isn't new, but the concept of smokers switching to vaping have been a contentious point among the scientific...

New E-cigarette Study Shows No Risk from Environmental Vapor Exposure

An indoor air quality study conducted by CHANGE, LLC at the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY was published this month in the peer reviewed...

The Prominent Side of Nicotine

The ability of ones choice to decide, nicotine or no nicotine. You're faced with the unreasonable decision everyday once you've become its pawn of non-stop money draining, deadline in-taking...
Vapor Damge To Human Airways

Vapor Damage To Human Airways: The Truth

  If you want the truth about vapor damage to human airways, you are in the right place.  We will discuss the cytotoxicity (the vapors ability to be toxic to...
Latest E-Cig Study

Study Shows Vaping Less Addictive Than Nicotine Gum

One of the latest studies presented was published in the journal PubMed, under Drug and Alcohol Dependence, which examined the dependence level in users of electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum and tobacco...

What’s your Gender?

Are the majority of vapers male or female? - Let's find out!

2017 Vaper Preference Survey Gives Detailed Insight

In a recent online survey new information was revealed giving detailed insight on vapers preferences. Both Mistic E-Cigs and The Vaping Advocate were behind the survey, where there's an...
Latest E-Cig Study

How Electronic Cigarettes Affect Your Lungs: Results of an Online Survey of Users

If you trawl the net, you’ll find there’s little data on how ecigarettes effect your lungs. So, with some help from researcher Paul Bergen and vaping bloggers (and from lots...
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