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In this category, you will find the latest releases of articles pertaining to vaping science and studies around the world involving electronic cigarettes. This is a thorough resource of vape studies for our viewers to reference.

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CDC Study Confirms More Smokers Try To Quit By Vaping Than NRT Products

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a new study that has confirmed that more smokers are trying to quit by taking up vaping, rather than using...
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How Electronic Cigarettes Affect Your Lungs: Results of an Online Survey of Users

If you trawl the net, you’ll find there’s little data on how ecigarettes effect your lungs. So, with some help from researcher Paul Bergen and vaping bloggers (and from lots...
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Research Shows Vaping Is A Smoking Roadblock

  In the United States, the concept that vaping is anything other than a gateway to the re-normalization of smoking and an encouragement to young people to pick up the...

U.S. Doctors Say Ecigs Can Help Patients Eliminate Smoking, According To New Survey

  According to a new study published in Oxford Journals "Nicotine and tobacco Research", 70% of the participating doctors are frequently talking to their patients about electronic cigarettes in a clinical...
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Researchers Say Benefits of E-Cigs May Outweigh The Harm

In latest studies conducted by researchers, evidence is pointing to electronic cigarettes as being a safer way for smokers to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and are decreasing health risks. After...
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Study: Nicotine Absorption – First and New-Gen Device Comparison

With the industry's latest science, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos led a study comparing nicotine absorption between first (stick ecig) and new-gen devices (advanced personal vaporizer). In the past, vaping was found...
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PATH Study Shows Vaping Less Addictive Than Smoking

A recent study by Penn State College of Medicine researchers has found that people who regularly vape are less dependent on their vaping device than those who regularly smoke...
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Propylene Glycol In E-Cigarettes Might Keep Us Healthy, Says Researchers

Very old, but an interesting and informative piece. Propylene glycol, the primary ingredient in the electronic cigarette cartridge, may be a powerful deterrent against pneumonia, influenza, and other respiratory diseases when vaporized...

2017 Vaper Preference Survey Gives Detailed Insight

In a recent online survey new information was revealed giving detailed insight on vapers preferences. Both Mistic E-Cigs and The Vaping Advocate were behind the survey, where there's an...
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Study Finds E-Cigarettes As Good As The Patch

In a recent study to test the value of e-cigarette as a quitting aid found them to be as good as a nicotine patch. Sadly, in this particular study,...