There’s a line that has to be drawn between the e-cigarette vendors and the e-cigarette crooks. The average vendor will determine its products pricing to account for the overhead, product cost, labor and the such to create a profit. Many of them have joined the industry for the right reasons, like passion for the culture that these devices have created, and the yearning to help others, and of course to make an honest living. The vendors are treated great; they’ve been given an industry type that has just in these past few years began to flourish, product is easily obtainable at unbelievable prices and high profit margins are gained with very little work involved.

Then we have the crooks; the average crook who sells e-cigarettes receives all of the same benefits, but as you would expect, they’re more motivated by greed. This greed comes from a lack of respect, a lack of passion, and a lack of knowledge, for both the industry itself and the consumers it thrives from. To no surprise, these crooks are very recognizable… they’re the ones who place kiosks in malls, sell clones at authentic price points and will bluntly whisper in your ear that “what the smokers who are looking to make the switch don’t know, won’t hurt them,” or they’re “only charging way above cost to the people who don’t know what the going price actually is.”

What I wrote above was actually said to me just a few days back.

As the owner of this website, I’ve had the luxury of meeting many different vapers and vendors, and you’ll be astonished at some of the things I’ve heard from both. But, I’ve never been so disgusted with what I’ve heard from a local vapor shop this past week. It honestly pisses me off, infuriates me, and leaves me sick to my stomach to know that such people exist in this industry. If I weren’t afraid of the legal backlash I could possibly receive, I would unleash hell upon this shop and do everything in my power to leave them no choice but to exit from what WE have created. I’ve never used the connections I have within this community and industry as a whole to slander someone’s business, and I don’t intend to start now, but this is truly one of those moments where it would do great joy.

If a shop exists in your area that is a crook, be sure to let your friends and family know before they accidentally fall victim. Right now in my area there’s talk around the town of this shop and their ways, and at this moment that’s all it will take to put a halt on those crooked ways.


  1. I find this post very amusing, not in the sense that it’s false, but that this is very true. I have first hand experience with this vulture of a dealer. 90% of his products are in fact clones and his prices of these clones are 3 times the price if you were to order it off the internet. I have personally spoke to the owner of the establishment after I was talked to about sales numbers and why I wasn’t pulling goals and informed him that his prices were way to high and talked to him about the clone problems. He then denied that they were clones until I called him out. He then evaded the question of how to meet in the middle with the customer and still make a reasonable profit. This establishment needs to be shut down in my honest opinion.

  2. Everyone has to do their due diligence before getting into the unknown world of Vaping. Most are smokers looking to quit, and don’t even know what a Vapor shop is. They think everyone just gets the devices from smoke shops, who have quickly jumped on the band wagon with very little knowledge and bad products. I guess thats what frustrates me as a shop owner. They eventually realize that they were bent over a barrel at the smoke shop when they come in to figure out how to use their janky smoke shop special that doesn’t work.