Have you ever wanted to work from home and within the vaping industry?  If yes, now’s your chance to do both.  Let me be the first to tell you, working within this industry, something that you’re so passionate about, is truly a blessing.  It’s almost like a basketball player getting paid to play basketball.  Except with this job, you can do your work right from your home, allowing you to spend more time with your family!

So, here’s the scoop… The Ecig Advertising Group is growing, they’ve tripled business within the last 2 months and will be increasing volume again starting October 1st, so if you apply for this job, you’ll need to be ready to hit the ground running!  They’re looking to hire a great person to their team that has experience in Advertising Sales or Back End Campaign Management, a mix of both will increase your chances of being hired.  It’s preferred that the candidate has a college degree or at least 3 years recent experience in Advertising Sales, RTB or Multi-Zone/Multi-Publisher Ad serving platforms.

  • Salary Based Upon Experience
  • Remote Office From Your Location

Send resumes with salary requirements and cover letter to [email protected] .

Learn more about the Ecig Advertising Group at EcigAdvertisers.com .