Along with its intriguing name, this new atomizer cleaner has been placed on my ‘must have’ list. Flavor Flush from Texas Select Vapor is a VapeTeam Exclusive atomizer cleaner that if the steps are followed right, you can turn your old clogged up atomizer into one that works like it just came off the shelf. I’ve always cleaned out my atomizers a bit by just blowing them out and that really didn’t take away too much of the taste or smell. With that being said, I originally had my doubts that this new mix of atty cleaner could fix my problems. Let’s all face it, atomizers just don’t last that long or should I say not as long as we want them to.

When Brett from told me about flavor flush and told me that it really could give my atomizers a good cleaning, I decided it was time to stop throwing those old atomizers in the trash and instead, start giving them new life. After receiving the 30ml bottle of flavor flush, I headed to the TSV website to read the instructions. My wife told me her atomizer felt a bit clogged up and wanted a new one. First thing that came to mind was “She can be my test victim!”.

We read the instructions on the website carefully and followed each step as said, letting the atomizer sit with the flavor flush inside and instead of letting it sit for 15 minutes, I let it sit over night. The next day, I woke up and blew out the flavor flush that was still left inside and filled it back up with my wife’s favorite e-liquid. She took a few pulls and to her amazement, it actually worked! I tried it out myself and I can honestly say that the atomizer was just like new.  Have your doubts? – Try it for yourself and see…

Product description on the website:

This is our take on a cleanser that you can use to help clear previous flavors from your atomizer. The contents of this product are all those of which are safe for vaping, not necessarily recommended (Ethyl Alcohol, PGA, or Everclear), but will not cause harm or contamination to your atomizer. The idea behind this product came from the introduction on the VP Live Vape Team show of a product that provided great results when used to clear previous flavors and help maintain your atomizers.

Other info taken from the website:

You can use this product as often as you choose, but we recommend using this product in your atomizers once a week or so for maintaining them and performing a “Flavor Flush”.

This product works very well on most applications, however, this is not miracle juice. Some very strong flavors like coffee and strong cinnamons may be more difficult to remove from atomizer and may not work as well with this product.

In short, this is what I do to clean my atomizers using Flavor Flush:

  1. Separate your atomizer from your device.
  2. With a napkin or some toilet paper laying flat on a table, blow out your juice from the atomizer until no juice is coming out the end.
  3. Wipe your atomizers bottom threading and then set the atomizer on a new napkin, threading at the bottom.
  4. Drip 10 to 15 drops into the atomizer, then left it sit 15 minutes or however long you wish.
  5. After you let the atomizer sit, then blow out the excess flavor flush.
  6. Wipe your atomizer clean with a napkin, then insert 5 to 6 drops of your favorite e-liquid.

See the original instructions from the TSV website here:

Follow the steps just as the site says and you’ll be saving those atomizers in no time! I encourage you all to try out Flavor Flush from