The guide to DIY e-liquid is here to give you some basic information on getting started making your own flavors.  At some point in time, almost every vaper gets the urge to create their own e-liquids, and not many of us know where to start.  There are all kinds of issues to consider, from the best place to acquire the various flavorings, knowing exactly what ingredients to mix to make the perfect juice and most importantly SAFETY.

What Is DIY E-Liquiddiy eliquid bottles

Basically, if you make it at the house for your own personal use, it is classed as DIY e-liquid.  Something as simple as mixing your 2 favorite flavors in your tank to create a different flavor can be classified as DIY juice.  Everyone has a perfect flavor profile in their mind and many of us head along this road to achieve that single goal, but then we realize that there are many benefits to making your own e-liquid.

Benefits Of DIY E-Liquid

The main reason many people get started making their own e-liquid is very simple.  If you are vaping 30 ml a day because you chase clouds, vaping premium e-liquid can become very expensive very quickly.  The cheaper route is making your own at the house.  What will cost you dollars at the store will cost you pennies at home, and if you know where to get the supplies you can replicate almost anything you can think of.  Remember though, you are making this solely for your personal use,  premium juice companies are held to high standards of health and hygiene that you truly can not meet in your kitchen, and as such the methods we are talking about are not designed for anything you wish to sell.

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