Hawaii News Now is reporting that nearly half of all young adults in Hawaii have tried electronic cigarettes.

Pallav Pokhrel, the lead author of the study of electronic cigarette use in young adults says studies are showing that about 43% of young adults between the ages of 18 to 35 in Hawaii have tried electronic cigarettes at least once.

[blockquote cite=” Scott Rasak, Volcano E-Cigs Marketing Manager” float=”left” align=”left”]Hawaii has taken to electronic cigarettes a lot more quickly than mainland markets because studies show that Hawaii has a high rate of smokers.[/blockquote]

HAWAIICouncilmen in Honolulu, Hawaii  are trying to put electronic cigarettes under the microscope, claiming that e-cigs are persuading more young adults into tobacco addiction and will be a gateway to get these young adults hooked on nicotine and they will eventually turn to regular tobacco cigarettes.  This is not the case, in studies conducted by Pallav Pokhrel, it showed that 13% of participants in the study quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes and showed promising results for electronic cigarette devices.

This has always been problematic for the e-cigarette industry; Government officials and anti’s continue to place these devices and the industry under this microscope to try to paint everything red. However, as more studies are conducted, the positive benefits continue to outweigh the very modest and often untruthful negative aspects of e-cigarettes. As the industry continues to grow, even those modest aspects will be improved upon, but for now and in the least bit, electronic cigarettes are already creating wonders and that’s something to be thankful for.

Councilmen are also trying to get the minimum age for purchasing electronic cigarettes increased from 18 to 21, as The Big Island of Hawaii has done earlier this month.

Hawaii residents seem to agree that electronic cigarette use is better, as it is a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and not exposing people around them with clouds of harmful smoke.

[blockquote cite=” Makiki resident David Schultz.” float=”left” align=”left”]It’s gotta be better than smoking. I’m not putting something I set on fire into my lungs.[/blockquote]