As you may have been reading from the latest news articles, government officials and anti-smoking advocates are saying that flavored e-liquid is a marketing technique to get minors to try electronic cigarettes.  Since it seems that this has been the main concern, some are losing focus on all the benefits of using electronic cigarettes, and in this latest article, Huffington Post makes a blunt statement by telling everyone to tell young people the truth.

The Huffington Post nailed it with their latest article that started with “Tell Young People The Truth: E-Cigarettes and Vaping Flavors Help People Quit Smoking”.  This article is talking about how vaping is safer and how more people are turning to electronic cigarettes because of the variety of flavors of e-liquid. The writer asks if they really want to limit flavors of e-liquids if they are helping people quit smoking and why the anti-smoking advocates are criticizing a product that has successfully helped people to quit.

Young people are not stupid. They can handle the truth. In fact, it was honest anti-smoking campaigns that have led to big drops in smoking rates. We need to continue with honest education about vaping and e-cigs. We rightly tell young people that smoking tobacco is a leading cause of premature death, and we tell them how incredibly addictive nicotine can be and that it is one of the hardest things in the world to quit.

We should also tell them that while we need more research, dozens of health experts sent a letter to the World Health Organization urging them to embrace e-cigarettes as a life-saving intervention, saying that e-cigarettes could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century, perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives.

The problem here is that e-cigarettes do not make money for Big Pharma companies, and they’ve even began tearing down the doors Big Tobacco built for many years. However, Big Tobacco got smart and stepped foot into the electronic cigarette industry, so they’re in a positive stance now. Big Pharma on the other hand, they’re stuck with a huge investment in products that just can’t compete with e-cigarette devices, so they’re angry and frustrated that they’re not making bank from it. They’re probably saying right now “why didn’t I think of that.”

Many can pin-point their dislikes about e-cigarettes, but there’s no hiding the benefits it offers. And, as many studies are proving, the benefits outweigh traditional cigarettes easily. This articles released on Huffington Post nails it; we do need to inform about electronic cigarettes accurately, just as we have with tobacco cigarettes. Instead of our media being blasted with “omg, the fruit and candy flavors are marketed to kids” which isn’t true, you would see “Adults actually like flavors too, which is the same reason why there are flavored condoms, flavored alcohol, adult flavored edible panties” among many more.

You can read the full post here: Tell Young People The Truth: E-Cigarettes and Vaping Flavors Help People Quit Smoking