If you’ve been an active reader of Guide To Vaping’s product reviews category, then you may have noticed our latest advanced personal vaporizer review of the Smokio E-Cigarette. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Smokio, it was created in July 2013, in Paris, France. The company aimed to develop and manufacture affordable and easy-to-use consumer electronics. They have a cross-functional team that includes Steve Anavi, Alexandre Prot, Emrah Yuceer, and Daniel Nacamuli that are passionate about high quality electronic cigarette devices.

We focus on details to improve and beautify products. We believe that a simple or small twist can have a tremendous impact.

In Smokio’s latest news they are continuing to progress by partnering with the Asian American Trade Association Council (AATAC).

AATAC is an organization designed to build partnerships between convenience stores and manufacturers.

We are very proud to partner with AATAC to be able to offer Smokio to such a large number of retail outlets across the U.S.  Convenience stores are one of the most important channels for our company, as these types of stores are where a majority of electronic cigarettes are sold. This is a natural extension of our growth and we are looking forward to the assistance ATTAC can provide.

Smokio developed a bluetooth electronic cigarette device that automatically connects with smartphones and is able to monitor a slew of features that pertain to health and financial benefits for a person switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

With this partnership, Smoki will be able to launch their products to over 80,000 of AATAC’s convenience store partners.

Smokio is a very innovative product and company, and we are pleased to be supporting their distribution in the U.S. Most of our members, who currently sell electronic cigarettes at retail, will welcome a new product such as this, one that will allow people to vape in a smart and connected way.

By Smokio partnering with AATAC they will be able to make progressive strides in the electronic cigarette industry. Also, with this partnership, Smokio will be able to present their product all across the U.S.