In latest studies conducted by researchers, evidence is pointing to electronic cigarettes as being a safer way for smokers to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and are decreasing health risks. After researchers reviewed 81 prior studies, they found that the use of electronic cigarettes could very well limit the amount of tobacco related deaths or illnesses.

There have been several debates about electronic cigarettes around the world, mainly about regulations and if these regulations are being sustained. As many of us vapers know, government agencies and anti-smoking groups are putting pressure for more ironclad restrictions on electronic cigarettes.  In this study, the researchers found that the use of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes outweighed the potential health risks. Furthermore, there are no known health risks of electronic cigarettes until more research and studies have been conducted and there’s no evidence that electronic cigarette vapor poses any harm to users or people around them, rather than in tobacco cigarette smoke.

If there are any risks, these will be many times lower than the risks of smoking tobacco.

However, there is evidence in this study that shows that people who use electronic cigarettes have helped smokers quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes or at least reduced the amount of cigarettes they smoke.

If there is evidence that e-cigarettes reduce smoking-related harm, then they need to be easily obtainable and not regulated more strongly than tobacco products.[/blockquote/]

To begin with, there has been a lot of support for electronic cigarettes, such as events, meets, and online forums. As me and you both know, through all the research and studies we have come across, the benefits of electronic cigarettes greatly outweigh all the propaganda being stirred around in the news. Even with all the negative media attention electronic cigarettes are receiving, vapers still have a great support system in place and will continue to hold these events and meets to bring you the latest information about electronic cigarettes and offer that helping hand of support to both vapers and current smokers.

We’re already aware that the benefits of using electronic cigarettes outweigh any harm. We’ve switched from something that literally kills millions each year to something that has been proven to reduce that harm. Though this research is swell, this is something we’ve realized from the time we picked up our first device, and something we continue to understand as the devices improve our life each day as opposed to what tobacco cigarettes would be doing.

 Source: WebMD | Benefits of E-Cigarettes May Outweigh Harms: Study