While attending the Atlanta Vape Meet, my wife and I scoured around the juice bar filled with many different flavors from various vendors. While picking through Pink Spots box of zip-lock package e-liquids, we come across a bottled labeled “Rip Tide”. The bottle of course had nice labeling and an inviting blue color. We both immediately dripped a few drops in my wife’s RoughStack Mod and were blown away by the great taste.

From the first pull, you get the blue raspberry taste followed by the cooling of the menthol. One thing I liked about this juice, is that the menthol wasn’t too much that it over-powers the flavor. Just the perfect combination to vape. I’m not real big on menthol, but more so on the ‘cool’ feeling that most call “Koolada”. This menthol in the Rip Tide e-liquid was much like that cool feeling, but at the same time, you could tell that its actual menthol. Props to Pink Spot for getting just the right mixture.

The flavor as I’ve said is outstanding. The vapor production was good, nothing spectacular but good. I’m not sure what the VG/PG mixture was because there was no indication on the bottle. The throat hit wasn’t real strong, but it was definitely there and I’m sure most of that is from it having menthol. To be quite honest, the Rip Tide e-liquid didn’t last long around my wife. She was pretty stoked about the flavor, so I’m sure we’ll be ordering more soon.

Overall: The Rip Tide e-liquid was a very exciting and great flavor. The vapor production was nice and the throat hit was there. It’s very nice of PinkSpotVapors to donate samples to the Atlanta Vape Meet, because we may have never run across or got to try this delicious juice. If you’re interested in trying some e-liquid or just want to look around for your next all day vape, please visit www.PinkSpotVapors.com

(For this review, the setup used was: RoughStack V2 Mod, 1.5ohm Joye Atomizer – Fully charged AW IMR 18650 Battery)