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Sweet Tarts Candy E-Liquid Review

Today I will be reviewing a bottle of Sweet Tarts Candy with a nicotine strength of 18mg from This Sweet Tarts Candy E-Liquid Review was done using a Joyetech eVic and a EVOD Tank. Juicy eJuice describes the E-Liquid as being created with care to bring you that fun flavor of...

Vape Juice Reviews

CleverVape – Peanut Buddha E-Liquid Review

Today I will be reviewing Peanut Buddha at 18mg nicotine strength from Used for this Peanut Buddha e-liquid review was a LavaTube and a low-resistance atomizer. CleverVape describes this juice as a smooth peanut butter and banana sandwich. The juice arrived in a glass bottle with a...

Vape Juice Reviews

Strawberry Peach Freeze E-Liquid Review

Strawberry Peach Freeze: Product Description Our Pride and Joy, this juice is the ultimate all day vape for fruit lovers. Our Strawberry, Peach, Menthol blend is smooth and delicious, with a cooling taste left on the exhale. We have a hard time keeping this one in stock, since it is a favorite...

Vape Juice Reviews

VG Blueberry

VG Blueberry from Liberty-Flights was a lot more of the taste I was expecting out of the PG Blueberry. I am glad I tried this one as I’ve thought the opposite about other VG liquids I’ve tried versus there PG flavor. It tastes like pure blueberry’s which is very satisfying to me...

Vape Juice Reviews

Topless Beach E-Liquid Review

The two of my most favorited flavors mixed into one little concoction of e-liquid greatness – banana and peach. This dreamy combination of Banana and Peach will make it almost impossible to keep the top on the bottle. Pink Spot Vapors – Topless Beach E-Liquid Description Flavor The...

Vape Juice Reviews

Boom Boom Pop E-Liquid Review

Those red, white and blue popsicle’s that you used to pay a dollar and a half for every time the ice cream truck made his way around your neighborhood… yea, the bomb pop. If you haven’t ever had the chance to try them, I found the next best thing in a vaporized solution or best...

Vape Juice Reviews

Raspberry Banana E-Liquid Review

As you may know I receive various flavors of e-liquid that vendors send me to try, and review. Most of the time after I give a review of a flavor, it doesn’t mean I make purchases of that same flavor after. I mean, come on – if I were to purchase every e-liquid I try, I’d be broke...

Vape Juice Reviews

Mt. Dew E-Liquid Review

We’ve all got such the selection in flavors and when it comes to beverage e-liquid flavors, it’s always tough to find one that is dead on or at least close to the real thing. I’ve tried flavors that were supposed to taste like Dr. Pepper in the past, and it came surprisingly very...

Vape Juice Reviews

PG Watermelon

When you purchase a watermelon liquid, you are expecting it to taste like a watermelon, right? Well, this isn’t the case here at all.  When I first vaped with the watermelon e-liquid purchased from liberty-flights, I was excited in hopes for that bubble gum type taste or even something...



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