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KangerTech EMUS Starter Kit Review

KangerTech has become highly known in the electronic cigarette market for its innovative accessories, such as the Evod BDC, Protank Series and AeroTank Series, and has even made a lasting impression with its Evod Battery. Now, Kanger is looking to expand its line-up of the more discreet and pocket...

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Support Extended

Just 4 (Monday February, 17th) days ago my Father In-law passed due to on-going complications with diabetes and resulted in a massive heart attack. My family’s world has been turned upside down and the person who taught me to become a man and a great provider is no longer with us in body, but...

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Innokin Ucan V2.0 Review

If you’ve ever had trouble with e-liquid bottles from various companies, you’re not alone. Some bottles are either too soft, too hard or its dripper tip is too big to fill your e-liquid tanks and cartomizers with ease. The Ucan is a wonder to the e-liquid industry that many just...

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The Stallion APV Review

The Stallion Advanced Personal Vaporizer is a 22650 power regulated device. The Stallion is made and sold by Texas Select Vapor. This will be a two-part video and written review. The video is a run down of the Stallion, while the written review will hold the overall details of the device...

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Caramel MooVappe E-Liquid Review

To start off this review, I must first say that I’m blown away and that’s an understatement. Before we do begin the review for Caramel MooVappe, I would like to tell you the story of how it came to be. This is proof that customer suggestions do help. I regularly talk with Brett from...

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Golden Grahams – Texas Select Vapor

Some of the best perks from using electronic cigarettes are things such as using an atomizer for long periods of time and also the ease of just throwing a battery on charge once it starts getting low, but my absolute favorite is the massive selection of e-liquid that the vendors create and offer. E...

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Pearalyzing Peach – TSV

Around a month ago, I was contacted by Brett from and was asked if he could create a juice just for and promote it as a GuideToVaping Exclusive. I was flattered to say the least, but if it’s a GTV exclusive, it had to be the best of the best. I had no...

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Doctor Love (Texas Select Vapor)

I’ve tried a few DP flavored e-liquids in the past from other vendors and none of them have actually tasted anything like the beverage.  I have finally managed to find a Dr. Pepper flavored e-liquid from called Doctor Love. This Doctor Love e-liquid has been added to my...



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